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Warm Up the Snow

23 Jun
Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach

Some things change gradually over time.  Your physical body changes as you grow and develop.  Your mental condition changes too as your physical body changes.  Your social-emotional condition changes as your mental state changes.  Do such changes influence you? Would it significantly contribute to your attitude in life? Does it attribute most in building a positive relationship to others? Let us consider the following discussions below.

Relationship to your family and friends

What are the things that maintain your good relationship to your family and friends? How would you bridge the existing gap or conflicts among your family members or friends? Do you have the ways and means to do it effectively? Do you have open communication with each other? Are you always busy in life or making so many excuses instead of facing up the reality? Would it be necessary of having a third party to intervene in solving family problems or getting back the genuine friendship? Well, whatever your valid and logical reasons, I think there is a need to talk about it and be encouraged to get involved on family matters and keeping the good relationship.

Relationship to your co-workers and organization

People all over the world get employed in a company, agency or organization which they need their good services. They get into the private sectors, government-managed agencies or charitable institutions.  If  you are one of them, are they treated you equally? Are you receiving the same equal opportunities like anyone else in that organization? Are they executing fair labor practices regardless of who you are? Do they respect you as a human being? Do they recognize your strengths instead of your weaknesses?  If you are in the business sector, you may understand that profits are better than wages in order  to attain a better quality of life especially if you do it appropriately and effectively.  However, possession of wealth is definitely temporary on  earth.  Even your current job position, you cannot hold it permanently. That is why always be humble to yourself. Everything may come and go. Remember, we are living temporarily on earth.

Relationship to the Almighty One

People around the world have different religions, churches or denominations.  Their faith, beliefs and philosophies in life depend on what they believe in or what their church teaches to them.  Do you really follow of what you preach? Do you really apply the good teachings that you had learned from your church? If your answer is Yes, go ahead and multiply. But if not, does it make any sense at all? Perhaps all the religions or churches I think would agree on what has been stated in the Golden Rule that goes “Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.”

Warm up the Snow

It is not too late. Like the weather that keeps on changing every now and then.  Sometimes, there are things that seem cold like a snow that needs to warm up.  Our positive relationship to our family, friends, co-workers, organization and Almighty One does mostly matters.


Flood, Flood, Flood

10 Aug

“Come on. Hold my hand.”

People around the world were so affected whenever flood occurs in their respective areas.  Rain water flows everywhere from a higher place to a lower place.  Real properties that you had developed and built within a number of years from bank loans and family incomes were washed away in just a couple of minutes.  Agricultural crops were devastated and farm animals were disturbed too. Schools in all levels and government offices were closed for several days or even weeks.  No business transactions anywhere and the country’s economy declined.  Most of the main streets were not passable and people were stranded. Sometimes, heavy flood resulted into more casualties and a number of injured persons and sick people due to landslides, drowning, electric-shock incident and congested environment.

Preventive Measures

It is beyond the control of man about the weather disturbances like flood.  It occurs anytime and anywhere.  However, we can prevent more of its damages and destruction if we follow certain precautions below.

  •  Update yourself about daily weather in your area.  Always see or hear the latest weather bulletin in your touch screen mobile phone,  TV and radio broadcast stations and daily newspapers.
  • Have a two-floor or three-floor house if you are living in a low land which serves as the basin of flowing water.  It should have a strong foundation against flood.
  • Always check your electrical installation if the electric outlets and extension cords on it are high enough for the safety of family members against entry and rapid rising of water inside the house.
  • Insured your real properties and investments so that it will not be a total lost when calamities occur like flood.
  • Harvest agricultural crops in seasoned and sell it in the market immediately.
  • Build a stable shelter for farm animals and/or sell some of them in the market.
  • Stay in your safe home during heavy flood until the water subsides.  However, vacate your house if it is necessary for your own safety as well as of your family.
  • Always ready your first-aid kit with complete medicines against diarrhea, cold and high fever.
  • Have non-perishable food items in your storage cabinets such as canned goods, cup noodles, rice and get enough potable water too.