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“Thanks God, I am still alive.”

15 Jul

Thanks God, I am still alive,
Coz I have the mission to survive,
And have the human rights for life.
They need my presence and tender, loving care,
Thus, they always ready to support my basic needs.

Thanks God, I am still alive,
To breathe the fresh air and hear the sound of the wind,
To see the raindrops falling on the green leaves,
To smell the favorite foods on the table,
And ready to eat fruits and drink milk any time.

Thanks God, I am still alive.
To hear the Holy Mass every Sunday,
To strengthen my faith on Him and receive His blessings,
To glorify and praise Him because of the wonderful things,
That He had given to me including my own life.


Happy Thanksgiving Day

25 Oct

How often do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, once a year or every day? Whom do you celebrate with the Thanksgiving Day? Do you celebrate it with your family, with your close friends or with God? Why do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day? These are some questions in mind that require definite answers.

Many Faces of Thanksgiving Day

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day in November signifies family reunion.  The family members are usually reunited in their ancestral house.  They prepare and cook delicious food in the morning until afternoon.  They have family dinner with a whole-oven Turkey dish on the table. They pray and give thanks to God and to one another. After the dinner, they have some fun too. The following day, most of them go into shopping malls because of item sales.

In the Philippines, Thanksgiving Day in December falls at Christmas Day.  It also signifies family reunion. Filipinos attend the Holy Mass first in the early morning. Like American people do, Filipinos are reunited in their ancestral house. All family members from great grandparents to great grandchildren as well as extended family members  are present in the house. They prepare and cook Filipino foods as well as other foreign foods. They happily singing and dancing too. Other families prepare some fun games. They also pray and give thanks to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They exchange Christmas gifts with one another.

In some Muslim countries, Thanksgiving Day falls after the end of Ramadan. It also signifies family reunion. Muslim people prepare and cook foods too. The family members stay together for a dinner. They give thanks to Allah for everything. They celebrate it after a 40-day of fasting and abstinence. They also give gifts to others.

Significance of Thanksgiving Day

Whoever we are, whenever the day and whatever our traditions, Thanksgiving Day has significant role in one’s life. It does not only signifies strong family ties. It does not only describes unique cultural heritage. Thanksgiving Day interactively links us to the Almighty Creator who provides us everything that we need because of unconditional love and incomparable care to us. This is the real essence and the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day in the heart of every one.

Para sa Dakilang Nanay

16 Oct

Hangarin ko po na mabigyan kayo ng kaginhawaan

Adhikain ko po na kayo ay matulungan

Pinasasalamatan ko po ang iyong pagigigng huwarang ina

Pinagbubunyi ko po ang inyong kadakilaan

Yaman kong taglay ang mga payo po ninyo at pangaral.

Butihing ina ko na walang katulad

Ipinagmamalaki ko po kayo sa buong mundo

Responsableng nanay na hindi matutumbasan

Tama at tuwid lagi ang pinaninindigan at katwiran

Handa ninyo pong harapin ang mga unos sa buhay

Di po kayo sumusuko sa anumang balakid na nararanasan.

Alamat po kayo ng isang lahing Pilipino na makasaysayan

Dakilang ina ko na sadyang mapagmahal, masipag, maunawain at makatarungan

Kaya sampu ng inyo pong pamilya at lahat ng mga nagmamahal sa inyo

Kami po ay buong puso at wagas na nagpapasalamat po sa inyo, Nanay

sa inyo pong kadakilaan bilang isang mabuting ina sa aming lahat.