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Mother and You

27 Mar

When was the last time your mother hugs you? When was the last time you see your mother smiling? When was the last time your mother asks or tells you something? Do you listen? Do you care or show concern? If your answer is yes, you are lucky enough.

God gave life to you. Your mother nourished that life for you. She carried you in her womb for several months. She could even smile after giving birth of a healthy baby. Sometimes, she never slept and felt anxious when you were crying if you had an illness.

As you grew older, your mother helped you to sit down, stand up and walk until you can do it by yourself. When you started to go to school, she taught you how to read, write and count things. She defended you and fought for your rights if somebody was doing wrong against you. She always provided things that you need. She advised and guided you all the time.  She felt very happy and proud whenever you achieved something or received an award. She felt sorry for you when you failed to achieve your dreams.

When you became a matured person and had your own family, your mother was always there and never left you. She took good care of your children. She helped you in doing household chores.  She felt very happy seeing her grandchildren playing, singing or dancing.  Sometimes, she threw out jokes with them.

The time passed by and your mother was getting older. Her body and mind were already deteriorating.  She often got sick. She could not sit down, stand up and walk by herself.  Your mother could no longer do the things that she used to do for you and your family when she was young.  She always felt the pains and sufferings due to her illness.

Did you feel sorry for her bad health condition? What immediate action that you did to prolong her life? Do you really love your mother? Do you really care? Do you let her go or not?


Please Don’t Leave Me Alone

8 May

My dear children,

Please don’t leave me alone.  I am your mother and you are my children.  I am already 95 years old. I don’t want to stay in the home for the aged. I want to stay with you to the rest of my life because I really love all of you very much.

I could still remember when I was with my mother.  She said, “My daughter, when you grow older, I want you to get married and have your own family so that your children can take care of you when you get old.  I cannot stay with you forever.” I followed my mother’s advice.  When I found out the right man whom I love, I got married and started to raise my own family.  My children’s names are Mary, Oliver, Theresa, Henry, Eric and Rebecca.

M for Mary

Mary, you are a professional teacher now.  I remembered when you were young, you loved to read books and shared the stories with me.  I could see how happy you are every time I listened to your stories. Now, you got promoted as school principal and also a mother with five children.

O for Oliver

Oliver, you are already a successful businessman.  I remembered when you were young. you loved to sell candies to our neighbors.  Then, you saved your earning into your piggy bank. I could see your efforts to promote your candies. Now, you own already a department store and also a father with two children.

T for Theresa

Theresa, you are a medical doctor now.  I remembered when you were young, you were consistent honor student.  You were always asking me many things which sometimes I could not answer it anymore.  Now, you are one of the stockholders of the hospital and also a mother with four children.

H for Henry

Henry, you are already an engineer.  I remembered when you were young; you loved to play blocks and Legos.  You built structures out of blocks and Legos.  Now, you own and manage a construction company and also a father with six children.

E for Eric

Eric, you are a licensed lawyer now.  I remembered when you were young; you were always engaged in a fight for defending your playmates and classmates against bully children. Now, you are a well-recognized lawyer of this present generation and a father with three children.

R for Rebecca

Rebecca, you are a great artist now.  I remembered when you were young; you loved to draw, paint, sing, dance and act.  Everybody got amused every time you perform in front of us. Now, you are doing series of TV commercials and one of the casts of upcoming movie and also a mother with one child.

Do you know that I am very proud to all of you? I understand how busy you are with your families and with your chosen professions. However, I would like to request from you that please don’t send me into the home for the aged.  In fairness, I know that many homes for the aged provide excellent services to their clients.  But… I love to stay with you as my own children to the rest of my life. I need yourtime, love and care especially when the time came that I cannot remember or recognize you due to  my severe dementia or cannot see, hear or touch you anymore.

I hope that my request be granted this Mother’s Day.

Lovingly yours,

Your Mother