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Christmas and New Year in the Eyes of a Sick, Disabled and Elderly Person

25 Dec

A few days before Christmas, people go to the shopping malls and public markets to buy some gift items for their relatives and friends. I want to go and do the same but I can’t because I am already 95 years old who are sitting on a wheelchair and nobody can bring me there.

A few days before Christmas, people go to Christmas parties and enjoy with their friends and relatives. I want to go and do the same but I have arthritis already and I can’t dance anymore.  I have Alzheimer’s disease too and I can’t remember the lyrics of my favorite songs.

On Christmas Day, people rise up early from bed and take a shower. Then, people prepare their Christmas meals. I want to do it the same but I can’t do it anymore by myself.  I can’t rise up and there is tremendous leg and back pains every time I move my body.

On Christmas Day, people enjoy eating their meals and having happily chatting with their friends, neighbors and relatives. I want to stay longer with them and feel their presence but I can’t do it anymore. I can’t sit on my wheelchair longer because I get easily tired and there is a back pain.  I can’t easily process and feel confused with the various information that I can hear. I get easily sleep on my wheelchair if nobody is interested to talk with me.

On Christmas Day, people hear the Holy Mass and visit some tourist spots. I want to go with them but nobody invites me.  I used to stay at home sitting on my wheelchair or lying on my bed.  I have many thoughts, feel hopeless and lonely.

Before New Year’s Day, people go to the supermarkets and buy food items. I want to do the same but I can’t go there by myself and I have no enough money to buy some foods.

On New Year’s Eve, people cook several foods and prepare them on the dining table with fresh fruits and cold desserts. I want to do it the same but I can’t do it anymore.

On New Year’s Eve, people go outside their houses. They light up their pyrotechnics and firecrackers on the sky. I want to view these things even on my window but I can’t see these lights clearly anymore because I have both eyes cataract. Instead, I tend to sleep on my bed calmly.

On New Year’s Day, people hear the Holy Mass again then they go to shopping malls and have a walk on some tourist spots. I want to go with them but again nobody invites me and brings me there.


Christmas Wishes

22 Dec



What are your wishes this Christmas? Is it the Christmas gift or Christmas bonus? Is it more than Christmas gift and Christmas bonus? Definitely, people have so many wishes this Christmas. Let me cite some of these wishes.

LOVE is the greatest wish this Christmas. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day, being the core of Christmas celebration worldwide. Jesus Christ serves as our symbol of love. The genuine love that He wants us to spread out across the nations. The genuine love that He wants us feel free in our own family.  The genuine love that He wants us to share with the less fortunate citizens, sick people, poorest ones and persons with disabilities. How can we do that? So simple, provide them what they need and what they deserve to receive without biases, inequality, discriminations, abuses, frauds, overpowering system and  taking their rights, privileges and opportunities for granted.

CARE and CONCERN is a great wish this Christmas. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, came into our lives because He has the great care and concern with us. He is always there and ready to help us in times of difficulties. How about us? Do we show care and concern with ourselves? Do we show care and concern with others? Do we show care and concern with our environment where we live in? How can we do that? Perhaps, it is the best time for us to reflect things this Christmas. We may ask our self, “What I had done this year that something worthwhile and humane?” and “What are my plans to improve those things better?”

PEACE is the ultimate goal of every citizen of the country this Christmas season.  Christmas signifies birth and not death. How can a person be happy if someone whom he/she loves much lost? How can we attain world peace if they are currently doing violence? How can we do that? Perhaps, a person should have a peace of mind. He/She should have a peaceful relationship with his/her own family and the people around him/her. Always remember that a mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake regardless of whatever laws that prevail in the country.

HAPPINESS is an absolute dream of everyone. Happiness never relies on the acquisition of the worldly things. It does not measure alone one’s education, achievement or success in life. But rather, if love, care, concern and peace are completely present in every individual then absolute happiness follows. Did you know that these are the wishes of God for us this Christmas?


Happy Thanksgiving Day

25 Oct

How often do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, once a year or every day? Whom do you celebrate with the Thanksgiving Day? Do you celebrate it with your family, with your close friends or with God? Why do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day? These are some questions in mind that require definite answers.

Many Faces of Thanksgiving Day

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day in November signifies family reunion.  The family members are usually reunited in their ancestral house.  They prepare and cook delicious food in the morning until afternoon.  They have family dinner with a whole-oven Turkey dish on the table. They pray and give thanks to God and to one another. After the dinner, they have some fun too. The following day, most of them go into shopping malls because of item sales.

In the Philippines, Thanksgiving Day in December falls at Christmas Day.  It also signifies family reunion. Filipinos attend the Holy Mass first in the early morning. Like American people do, Filipinos are reunited in their ancestral house. All family members from great grandparents to great grandchildren as well as extended family members  are present in the house. They prepare and cook Filipino foods as well as other foreign foods. They happily singing and dancing too. Other families prepare some fun games. They also pray and give thanks to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They exchange Christmas gifts with one another.

In some Muslim countries, Thanksgiving Day falls after the end of Ramadan. It also signifies family reunion. Muslim people prepare and cook foods too. The family members stay together for a dinner. They give thanks to Allah for everything. They celebrate it after a 40-day of fasting and abstinence. They also give gifts to others.

Significance of Thanksgiving Day

Whoever we are, whenever the day and whatever our traditions, Thanksgiving Day has significant role in one’s life. It does not only signifies strong family ties. It does not only describes unique cultural heritage. Thanksgiving Day interactively links us to the Almighty Creator who provides us everything that we need because of unconditional love and incomparable care to us. This is the real essence and the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day in the heart of every one.

Mother and You

27 Mar

When was the last time your mother hugs you? When was the last time you see your mother smiling? When was the last time your mother asks or tells you something? Do you listen? Do you care or show concern? If your answer is yes, you are lucky enough.

God gave life to you. Your mother nourished that life for you. She carried you in her womb for several months. She could even smile after giving birth of a healthy baby. Sometimes, she never slept and felt anxious when you were crying if you had an illness.

As you grew older, your mother helped you to sit down, stand up and walk until you can do it by yourself. When you started to go to school, she taught you how to read, write and count things. She defended you and fought for your rights if somebody was doing wrong against you. She always provided things that you need. She advised and guided you all the time.  She felt very happy and proud whenever you achieved something or received an award. She felt sorry for you when you failed to achieve your dreams.

When you became a matured person and had your own family, your mother was always there and never left you. She took good care of your children. She helped you in doing household chores.  She felt very happy seeing her grandchildren playing, singing or dancing.  Sometimes, she threw out jokes with them.

The time passed by and your mother was getting older. Her body and mind were already deteriorating.  She often got sick. She could not sit down, stand up and walk by herself.  Your mother could no longer do the things that she used to do for you and your family when she was young.  She always felt the pains and sufferings due to her illness.

Did you feel sorry for her bad health condition? What immediate action that you did to prolong her life? Do you really love your mother? Do you really care? Do you let her go or not?

November First (Nov. 1)

1 Nov
Candles and Flowers

Candles and Flowers

All Saint’s Day

It has been a Filipino tradition to celebrate All Saint’s Day or All Soul’s Day at the cemetery.  Members of the family, relatives and close friends place on fresh flowers or customized basket of flowers at the tomb of their departed love ones. They also lit up candles and pray together silently for the souls of their relatives. They really miss their love ones who were already rested in peace and trying to accept the fact that their love ones will never come back again to see them.


Aside from Christmas Day, the first day of November sometimes serves as reunion of family members, close relatives, friends, classmates and schoolmates. They bring something to eat like lunch meals and snacks. They talk about anything that sounds interesting to them. They talk about family matters, personal issues, childhood memories, school memorable moments, work experiences and success stories.  They enjoy their company and have some fun.

Significance of November First

November First does not only signify prayers in remembering our departed love ones.  It does not only remembering their heroism, legacy, advocacy, integrity, attitude and personality but also remembering them as greatest people in their own ways leading them towards eternal life.

November First does not only signify reunion or social gathering of all the people that are closed to us. It does not only mean of getting together for a purpose but also remembering those people who are still alive by showing our concern, love and care to them. Some of them are facing certain life challenges. Some people are living in poverty. Others are suffering from severe illnesses or diseases. Some of them are elderly people or persons with special needs. Those concerned citizens of the world have urgent basic needs which every person should pay more attention and able to respond as quickly as possible to their needs. These people need our help and attention more than those people that were rested in peace.

This is the true meaning of November First.  This is what our departed love ones wish and want for us to do. Life is too short for people who are doing great things than those who are doing nothing.

Investigating Child Abuse

29 Jul


What is Child Abuse?

Child abuse is one of the primary problems of the society today.  Child abuse is not only inflicting physical harm to the child but it shows in several ways. Child abuse may be emotional harm, traumatic experience, verbal and non-verbal harm or even simply negligence to the child.  Child abuse may be putting them into dangerous situations, maltreated, engaged in child labor, taking away their freedom to play with their peers, too much unlawful restrictions, disrespecting their rights and privileges,  sexually abuse, taking for granted on their weaknesses.

Child abuse varies from different ages, gender, social-economic status, family background and culture.

Did you know that?

  • In 2006, about 905,000 children ages from 0 to 17 years in the United States were victims of maltreatment
  • In general, girls tend to be the victims of abuse more than boys
  • more boys experience physical abuse between the ages 8 and 11
  • highest rate in African American population (19.8 per 1000 children)
  • children were abused or maltreated by a parent acting alone or with another person
  • neglect was the common maltreatment
  • parents who usually abuse their spouses have the tendencies to abuse their children



Department of Health and Human Services, 2006

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Warm Up the Snow

23 Jun
Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach

Some things change gradually over time.  Your physical body changes as you grow and develop.  Your mental condition changes too as your physical body changes.  Your social-emotional condition changes as your mental state changes.  Do such changes influence you? Would it significantly contribute to your attitude in life? Does it attribute most in building a positive relationship to others? Let us consider the following discussions below.

Relationship to your family and friends

What are the things that maintain your good relationship to your family and friends? How would you bridge the existing gap or conflicts among your family members or friends? Do you have the ways and means to do it effectively? Do you have open communication with each other? Are you always busy in life or making so many excuses instead of facing up the reality? Would it be necessary of having a third party to intervene in solving family problems or getting back the genuine friendship? Well, whatever your valid and logical reasons, I think there is a need to talk about it and be encouraged to get involved on family matters and keeping the good relationship.

Relationship to your co-workers and organization

People all over the world get employed in a company, agency or organization which they need their good services. They get into the private sectors, government-managed agencies or charitable institutions.  If  you are one of them, are they treated you equally? Are you receiving the same equal opportunities like anyone else in that organization? Are they executing fair labor practices regardless of who you are? Do they respect you as a human being? Do they recognize your strengths instead of your weaknesses?  If you are in the business sector, you may understand that profits are better than wages in order  to attain a better quality of life especially if you do it appropriately and effectively.  However, possession of wealth is definitely temporary on  earth.  Even your current job position, you cannot hold it permanently. That is why always be humble to yourself. Everything may come and go. Remember, we are living temporarily on earth.

Relationship to the Almighty One

People around the world have different religions, churches or denominations.  Their faith, beliefs and philosophies in life depend on what they believe in or what their church teaches to them.  Do you really follow of what you preach? Do you really apply the good teachings that you had learned from your church? If your answer is Yes, go ahead and multiply. But if not, does it make any sense at all? Perhaps all the religions or churches I think would agree on what has been stated in the Golden Rule that goes “Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.”

Warm up the Snow

It is not too late. Like the weather that keeps on changing every now and then.  Sometimes, there are things that seem cold like a snow that needs to warm up.  Our positive relationship to our family, friends, co-workers, organization and Almighty One does mostly matters.