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Easter Sunday

16 Apr

The days of sorrow in the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday had ended. Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the tomb after the death of His physical body.  Easter Sunday also celebrates the joyful meeting of the Lord Jesus Christ with His loving mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. How could you imagine how happy they are.

In the Philippines, the Easter Sunday tradition started as early as 4 o’clock in the morning of Sunday.  There was a separate processions of the all the saints of the Catholic church together with the veiled Blessed Virgin Mary in one procession and the Lord Jesus Christ in another procession wherein people in both processions play sorrowful music. In one point of the crossroad in the community, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Lord Jesus Christ will meet each other in that particular place which starts the unveiling ceremony.  A young girl, dressed up like an angel in the air will unveil the Blessed Virgin Mary in order to see her beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Then, after the unveiling ceremony, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Lord Jesus Christ go back together into the Roman Catholic church. The people in the procession will sing together with happy church songs during the unveiling ceremony and while going back to the church.


Holy Week

10 Apr

People in the Philippines went to their provinces on Holy Week.  They visited several churches or so called “Bisita Iglesia” to offer prayers. Every province had unique practices in observing the Holy Week. The Lenten season initially started at Ash Wednesday. It was followed by a number of bible readings that narrate the life of the Lord Jesus Christ commonly sung in traditional tune by the elderly citizens once a week in their respective homes or churches or so called “pasyon”.  Starting Ash Wednesday, fasting and abstinence practices are observed. In the Roman Catholic practices, Holy Week started at the Palm Sunday wherein people come together to greet and welcome Jesus Christ with the Palm leaves. Then, comes the Holy Monday and Holy Tuesday. At Holy Wednesday, the Holy Images of the apostles or disciples including Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ were shown to the people or so called “prosisyon” with candles and people walked together along the street to offer prayers to the Holy Saints and to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday were a three-day of reflection, meditation, visitation and prayers wherein silence is properly observed. People reflected the sacrifices of our Lord Jesus Christ together with her blessed mother. Christian people remembered the physical and emotional pains of the Lord Jesus Christ which He had experienced together with His sorrowful mother that brought them into tears. The Easter Sunday ended up the Holy Week wherein the Christian people remember how the apostles witness the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ which brought back absolute happiness to His mother, the blessed Virgin Mary.


Mother and You

27 Mar

When was the last time your mother hugs you? When was the last time you see your mother smiling? When was the last time your mother asks or tells you something? Do you listen? Do you care or show concern? If your answer is yes, you are lucky enough.

God gave life to you. Your mother nourished that life for you. She carried you in her womb for several months. She could even smile after giving birth of a healthy baby. Sometimes, she never slept and felt anxious when you were crying if you had an illness.

As you grew older, your mother helped you to sit down, stand up and walk until you can do it by yourself. When you started to go to school, she taught you how to read, write and count things. She defended you and fought for your rights if somebody was doing wrong against you. She always provided things that you need. She advised and guided you all the time.  She felt very happy and proud whenever you achieved something or received an award. She felt sorry for you when you failed to achieve your dreams.

When you became a matured person and had your own family, your mother was always there and never left you. She took good care of your children. She helped you in doing household chores.  She felt very happy seeing her grandchildren playing, singing or dancing.  Sometimes, she threw out jokes with them.

The time passed by and your mother was getting older. Her body and mind were already deteriorating.  She often got sick. She could not sit down, stand up and walk by herself.  Your mother could no longer do the things that she used to do for you and your family when she was young.  She always felt the pains and sufferings due to her illness.

Did you feel sorry for her bad health condition? What immediate action that you did to prolong her life? Do you really love your mother? Do you really care? Do you let her go or not?