Easter Sunday

16 Apr

The days of sorrow in the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday had ended. Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the tomb after the death of His physical body.  Easter Sunday also celebrates the joyful meeting of the Lord Jesus Christ with His loving mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. How could you imagine how happy they are.

In the Philippines, the Easter Sunday tradition started as early as 4 o’clock in the morning of Sunday.  There was a separate processions of the all the saints of the Catholic church together with the veiled Blessed Virgin Mary in one procession and the Lord Jesus Christ in another procession wherein people in both processions play sorrowful music. In one point of the crossroad in the community, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Lord Jesus Christ will meet each other in that particular place which starts the unveiling ceremony.  A young girl, dressed up like an angel in the air will unveil the Blessed Virgin Mary in order to see her beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Then, after the unveiling ceremony, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Lord Jesus Christ go back together into the Roman Catholic church. The people in the procession will sing together with happy church songs during the unveiling ceremony and while going back to the church.


Good Friday: A Day of Sorrow

14 Apr

When was the last time that you had visited your mother or your child? When was the last time that you had spent time to talk with your mother or your child? When was the last time that you had served foods and spoon fed your mother or your child? When was the last time that you lifted up your mother or your child? When was the last time that you had changed the diaper and dressed up your mother or your child? Maybe your answer varies from one another. Your answer might be a few minutes ago, a few hours ago, a few days ago, a few months ago, a few years ago, a number of years ago or it never happened.

Good Friday is a day of sorrow. This was the day when the Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary, cried over the death of her beloved Son, Jesus Christ. This was the same day when the Lord Jesus Christ tearfully seen His loving mother crying continuously until no more tears came out from His mother’s eyes.  The truth behind this was the moment of dying brings out pains physically, mentally and emotionally particularly between the mother and child. Sometimes, the bonding break up may lead and result into a severe depression if not properly managed by concerned individuals.

Holy Week

10 Apr

The Lenten season initially started at Ash Wednesday. It was followed by a number of bible readings that narrate the life of the Lord Jesus Christ commonly sung in traditional tune by the elderly citizens once a week in their respective homes or churches or so called “Pasion”.  Starting Ash Wednesday, fasting and abstinence practices are observed. In the Roman Catholic practices, Holy Week started at the Palm Sunday wherein people come together to greet and welcome Jesus Christ with the Palm leaves. Then, comes the Holy Monday and Holy Tuesday. At Holy Wednesday, the Holy Images of the apostles or disciples including Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ were shown to the people with candles and people walked together along the street to offer prayers to the Holy Saints and to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday were a three-day of reflection, meditation, visitation and prayers wherein silence is properly observed. People reflected the sacrifices of our Lord Jesus Christ together with her blessed mother. Christian people remembered the physical and emotional pains of the Lord Jesus Christ which He had experienced together with His sorrowful mother that brought tears to both of them. The Easter Sunday ended up the Holy Week wherein the Christian people remember how the apostles witness the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ which brought back absolute happiness to His mother, the blessed Virgin Mary.


Christmas Wishes

22 Dec



What are your wishes this Christmas? Is it the Christmas gift or Christmas bonus? Is it more than Christmas gift and Christmas bonus? Definitely, people have so many wishes this Christmas. Let me cite some of these wishes.

LOVE is the greatest wish this Christmas. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day, being the core of Christmas celebration worldwide. Jesus Christ serves as our symbol of love. The genuine love that He wants us to spread out across the nations. The genuine love that He wants us feel free in our own family.  The genuine love that He wants us to share with the less fortunate citizens, sick people, poorest ones and persons with disabilities. How can we do that? So simple, provide them what they need and what they deserve to receive without biases, inequality, discriminations, abuses, frauds, overpowering system and  taking their rights, privileges and opportunities for granted.

CARE and CONCERN is a great wish this Christmas. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, came into our lives because He has the great care and concern with us. He is always there and ready to help us in times of difficulties. How about us? Do we show care and concern with ourselves? Do we show care and concern with others? Do we show care and concern with our environment where we live in? How can we do that? Perhaps, it is the best time for us to reflect things this Christmas. We may ask our self, “What I had done this year that something worthwhile and humane?” and “What are my plans to improve those things better?”

PEACE is the ultimate goal of every citizen of the country this Christmas season.  Christmas signifies birth and not death. How can a person be happy if someone whom he/she loves much lost? How can we attain world peace if they are currently doing violence? How can we do that? Perhaps, a person should have a peace of mind. He/She should have a peaceful relationship with his/her own family and the people around him/her. Always remember that a mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake regardless of whatever laws that prevail in the country.

HAPPINESS is an absolute dream of everyone. Happiness never relies on the acquisition of the worldly things. It does not measure alone one’s education, achievement or success in life. But rather, if love, care, concern and peace are completely present in every individual then absolute happiness follows. Did you know that these are the wishes of God for us this Christmas?


Pananaliksik: Angkop na Pamamaraan sa Pagkatuto

9 Nov

Ang mga mag-aaral ay mayroon kanya-kanyang katangian at kakayahan sa pag-aaral. Ang bawa’t isa ay may natatanging kaalaman, talino at abilidad upang matulungan ang sarili na unawain ang mga naturang paksa o mga gawain na nais ibahagi ng kanilang mga guro sa paaralan. Subalit, ano ang nararapat gawin ng mga mag-aaral para lalong nilang maintindihan ang mga naturang paksa? Paano nila gagawin ito para mailapat naaayon sa kanilang sariling kaalaman, kakayahan at abilidad? Simple lamang ang kasagutan nito. Bawa’t mag-aaral ay dapat matutong manaliksik hindi lamang sa kanilang  Asignaturang Pananaliksik kundi kahit sa anumang mga asignatura o kurso na inilalatag at isinasakatuparan sa kasalukuyan naaayon sa kurikulum ng bawat paaralan o anuman institusyon na may sapat at wastong layunin para makamit ang pangkalahatang pagkatuto ng bawat mamamayang Pilipino.

Layunin at Kahalagahan

Gaano ba kahalaga na matuto ang bawa’t mag-aaral na manaliksik? Una, sa pananaliksik ay natututo ang mag-aaral na hanapin at alamin ang mga bagong kaalaman o interesadong mga bagay na sila mismo ang nakaalam o gumawa nito. Natututulungan ang mga mag-aaral na maging masipag, matiyaga, malikhain at malayang magdisisyon, kumilos o gumalaw na hindi umaaasa sa iba. Pangalawa, sa pananaliksik ay natutulungan mismo ng mag-aaral ang kanyang sarili na matuto. Sapagka’t hindi lamang ang paningin, pandinig, pang-amoy, panlasa at pakiramdam ang ginagamit sa pananaliksik kundi pati malalim na pagsusuri at interpretasyon ng bawat impormasyon na makuha nila ay maayos na maiproseso sa kanilang mga kaisipan. Sa ganoong paraan, malaking bahagi sa pagkatuto nila ang wastong pamamaraan ng pananaliksik dahil hindi lamang nila ito pinag-iisipan bagkus ginagawa rin nila ito para matuto na umaayon sa teorya ni John Dewey sa wikang Ingles na “Learn by doing it.”  Panghuli, Ang pananaliksik ay isang kasangkapan para mapahusay lalo ang kakayahan ng mag-aaral sa pakikipagkomunikasyon; mapalawak lalo ang magandang relasyon ng mag-aaral sa kanyang kapwa at mapalawig pang lalo ang kaalaman niya sa kanyang kapaligiran at lipunang ginagalawan.

Mga Dapat Tandaan

Sa pananaliksik ay marami ang dapat tandaan ng mga mag-aaral. Nakatala ito sa gawing ibaba.

  1. Maging mapatmatyag sa buong kapaligiran.
  2. Tukuyin ang napipintong suliranin o tinatayang balakid.
  3. Ilahad ang posibleng solusyon sa nasabing suliranin.
  4. Magplano ng isang maayos na pamamaraan para masolusyonan ang nasabing suliranin.
  5. Kumilos o gumawa naaayon sa plano at pamamaraang nabanggit.
  6. Magtala ng mga datus o mahahalagang impormasyon.
  7. Suriing mabuti ang bawat detalye ng impormasyon at lapatan ng angkop na gamit pang-statistica para sa interpretasyon nito.
  8. Sabihin o ilahad ang resulta nito. Ulitin ang pamamaraan ng maraming beses.
  9. Ilahad muli ang pangkalahatang resulta para masagutan ang mga katanungan o matugunan ang mga suliranin o balakid.
  10. Ipahayag ang mga bagong impormasyon o epektibong solusyon ng nasabing suliranin para sa mga mambabasa.

Mga Dapat Iwasan

Sa pananaliksik, marami ang dapat iwasan ng mga mag-aaral.  Ito ay ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Iwasan ang mga impormasyon sa Internet na pawang mali o hindi makakatotohanan.
  2. Iwasan ang maling paggamit ng Internet at hindi wastong pag-uugali at gawi sa paggamit nito
  3. Iwasan ang mga taong manloloko, mapagsamantala, mapanlamang sa kapwa, mapagkunwari o mapagpanggap at may kaduda-dudang hangarin o motibo.






Ang Iyong Nanay (Your Mother)

30 Oct

Sa pagdadalantao at pagpapakain sa iyo, ang iyong Nanay ang tumutulong at nag-aalaga sa iyo.

Sa pag-aalaga sa iyo kung ikaw ay magsakit, ang iyong Nanay ang nagmamalasakit sa iyo.

Sa pagmamalasakit sa iyo upang ikaw ay makapag-aral, ang iyong Nanay ang palaging nangangaral.

Sa pangangaral sa iyo upang ikaw ay lumaki ng matiwasay, ang iyong Nanay ang umaalalay at umaagapay.

Sa pag-aagapay sa iyo upang paglabanan ang anumang unos sa buhay, ang iyong Nanay ay nariyan at dumaramay.

Sa pagdamay at pagtulong mo sa kapwa, ang iyong Nanay ay natutuwa sa iyong mga gawi at gawain

Sa iyong mga gawain na kaaya-aya, ang iyong Nanay ay lagging masaya sa iyong pinapakita.

Sa iyong pinapakitang sipag at pag-aabot ng kita para sa iyong ama’t ina at pamilya, sa kanilang dalawa ay sadyang napakahalaga.

Sa iyong pagpapahalaga sa pamilya, ang iyong Nanay ang nagtuturo sa iyo, di ba?

Sa iyong pagtuturo saan man, ang pangaral ng iyong Nanay ang hindi mo makalimutan kailanman.

Kailanman, maging sino at saan ka man, hahanapin at susundin mo iyong Nanay

Ang iyong Nanay na mapagmahal, mapagkalinga at mapagbigay sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya

Pamilya na may ningning, saya at sigla kapag mayroon at nariyan ang Nanay.

Kaya, habang ang iyong Nanay ay nabubuhay, buo mong pagmamahal ay nararapat lamang na ibigay sa iyong Nanay.



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Happy Thanksgiving Day

25 Oct

How often do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, once a year or every day? Whom do you celebrate with the Thanksgiving Day? Do you celebrate it with your family, with your close friends or with God? Why do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day? These are some questions in mind that require definite answers.

Many Faces of Thanksgiving Day

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day in November signifies family reunion.  The family members are usually reunited in their ancestral house.  They prepare and cook delicious food in the morning until afternoon.  They have family dinner with a whole-oven Turkey dish on the table. They pray and give thanks to God and to one another. After the dinner, they have some fun too. The following day, most of them go into shopping malls because of item sales.

In the Philippines, Thanksgiving Day in December falls at Christmas Day.  It also signifies family reunion. Filipinos attend the Holy Mass first in the early morning. Like American people do, Filipinos are reunited in their ancestral house. All family members from great grandparents to great grandchildren as well as extended family members  are present in the house. They prepare and cook Filipino foods as well as other foreign foods. They happily singing and dancing too. Other families prepare some fun games. They also pray and give thanks to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They exchange Christmas gifts with one another.

In some Muslim countries, Thanksgiving Day falls after the end of Ramadan. It also signifies family reunion. Muslim people prepare and cook foods too. The family members stay together for a dinner. They give thanks to Allah for everything. They celebrate it after a 40-day of fasting and abstinence. They also give gifts to others.

Significance of Thanksgiving Day

Whoever we are, whenever the day and whatever our traditions, Thanksgiving Day has significant role in one’s life. It does not only signifies strong family ties. It does not only describes unique cultural heritage. Thanksgiving Day interactively links us to the Almighty Creator who provides us everything that we need because of unconditional love and incomparable care to us. This is the real essence and the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day in the heart of every one.