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Thoughts to Destination

29 Aug

Do you believe that what you think might lead to your destination? Maybe some of you will agree while others would disagree. Whether you believe it or not, sometimes it happens to you unconsciously. Yet, you do not know the reasons after all. Here are some points to explain it further.

Your thoughts

People have different thoughts. These thoughts are created and formulated in their minds based on how they perceive and interpret certain things by observation alone. Most of the people always suggest us to think positively in order to have a positive result. Some people are always thinking negatively in advance prior to what real or what it really happens.

Your frequent thoughts might be shown up in your emotions

People with positive thoughts all the time are mostly cheerful, happy, feel satisfied, excited, confident and hopeful. On the other hand, people with negative thoughts always are mostly angry, hate certain things, feel envy, stressed, frustrated, disappointed, sad, weak, depressed and sick.

Your strong emotions might be shown up in your actions

People that show strong emotions are obviously visible through their actions. Happy people excitedly share their experiences and thoughts. Hopeful people are usually go to their churches to pray and praise God for all the blessings they had received. While angry people have common enemies. They get easily irritated and do violent actions against their enemies. They usually used curse words against them. Stressed people wanted to be alone. They blame others for their own mistakes. They have no initiative to move or they act and move slowly. They easily get sick and fell unwell most of the time. They reason out illogically and do abrupt things disorderly.

Your visible actions might be shown up in your behaviors

People with repeatedly done actions repeatedly develop into habitual behaviors unconsciously and unintentionally. People who are doing right actions according to the norms of the society and laws of the land show appropriate behaviors in any place at any time.  On the other hand, people who are doing wrong actions most of the time show undesirable and unacceptable behaviors to the people living normally in the community with sets of standards norms, policies and laws.


Your shown behaviors might be developed into your characters

People with desirable or undesirable behaviors have distinct characters. People who follow laws and orders are distinctively obedient. People who are actively engaged in public service and ready to help others show kindness, friendliness, helpfulness, unselfishness, generosity, concern, love and care. On the other hand, people with undesirable behaviors are mostly disobedient, dishonest, disrespectful, stubborn, lazy, chaos, misbehaved, selfish, unfair, show jealous, envy, offensive, violent, illogical, fake, materialistic, dominant, fraud, abusive, aggressive and greed.

Your dominant characters might be shaped up into your personality

People with dominant, distinct characters develop into good or bad personality.  People with good personality are definitely liked by everybody. They are liked to be their friends, companions, business partners and even life-time partners at home. They like these people because there is no conflict in between them or issues arise among them. They live happily together with peace and harmony. On the other hand, people with bad personality are strongly disliked by anybody. They often hate these people. They do not want to see them. They do not want stay with them or even work with them. According to them, living with these bad people can make their lives miserable. Thus, they just want to escape from them as soon as possible.

Your type of personality might influence your decision

Good people or bad people have certain decision in life. The decision of the good people after thorough critical analysis on certain things relies absolutely on the welfare or benefits of everybody. They decide fairly, wisely and righteously. They consider Church teachings, state laws and rules of conduct, norms, environment, causes and effects, human rights and privileges in their decision-making process before giving the final decision. On the other hand, the decision of bad people depends on their own vested interest alone. They never mind other’s decision. Bad people discriminate and dominate them.

Your firm decision might lead into your purpose

People’s decision has its own purpose. For the welfare of the entire humanity is the purpose of the good people. The love of God, fellowmen and environment is the priority or primary concern of the good people. On the other hand, greed and power is the purpose of the bad people. They want to control everything including humans.

Your own purpose in life might lead towards your destination

People’s goals and objectives in life are counted and considered by either righteousness of God or deceiving-character of Evil. Indeed, good people once they died, their soul will surely go to heaven and sits beside the Lord. They will have eternal happiness and serenity. On the other hand, bad people once they died, their souls will surely proceed to the hell with the Devil. They will have everlasting sufferings and restlessness.

Thoughts to Destination

Therefore, what do you think now? Do you think positively or negatively? Whatever you are thinking every now and then, this might be your own destination later on. Just remember: “What you think is what your destination.”


The Beginning of an End

23 Mar

Graduation Day is a happy day

for students who are marching along the way.

Parents that are working in a distant away

get together with their children on this special day.


Witness with their friends, parents and teachers

have overcome their fears and bring their eyes in tears.

When the guest speaker delivers message on their ears,

they can really hear directly every statement that cares.


Graduation Day is not the end of everything

but rather the beginning step towards the best thing.

Neither power, prestige nor possession of materials things

that one should be prioritized or consider with people

but rather one’s skills and competencies are things

that be proud of and one learns how to show concern to all.


Inaro con Kayumanggi (My Brown Love) by Teofila Mas Meron

9 Mar

Colop coy mantibok, ampangisip-isip

Lawas yan ancasalak, balo cot anolis

Cabigan a calma, main acon nakit

Labas a ayos, balo cot mangitit.


Wamo no labas a lalaki

Anggano marublom, anlalako co siempre

Maco aco conan inaro con kayumanggi.


No laluma balo, anggano bulan

Makakyas, anlulbag a lalaman

Matuynong a punta, kae angonoron a dalan.

“Thanks God, I am still alive.”

15 Jul

Thanks God, I am still alive,
Coz I have the mission to survive,
And have the human rights for life.
They need my presence and tender, loving care,
Thus, they always ready to support my basic needs.

Thanks God, I am still alive,
To breathe the fresh air and hear the sound of the wind,
To see the raindrops falling on the green leaves,
To smell the favorite foods on the table,
And ready to eat fruits and drink milk any time.

Thanks God, I am still alive.
To hear the Holy Mass every Sunday,
To strengthen my faith on Him and receive His blessings,
To glorify and praise Him because of the wonderful things,
That He had given to me including my own life.


21 May


(Zambal prayer recited by my 92-year old mother, Teofila Mas Meron)

Salve, Santa Marian ari

Ina a mapaengangaro

Sicay cabiayan tan casamitan

Sicay mampasimalaan mi

Salve, hicay mancatanawon mi

Pinalakwan tawon anak ni Eva

Hicay mampanginawawon mi

Malawig catatangis iti sa luta sankaluluan

Hicay mampatrunan mi

ilinga mo sa comi

silay luway mata mo

nin maipangangaro

ta baling mayari ana

pamanlakwan mo sa comi

ipakit sa comi

hilay luway mata mo maipangangaro

ta baling mayari ana iti

pamalakwan mo sa comi

ipakit mo sa comi

a anak mo si Hesus

O marunong, maipangangaro

Masamit lawas Birhen Maria

Ipasisingaro mo kami

Ha masantan ina nan Dios

Pigaw kami comana, makinabang

Ha mablin taw tipan ni Jesukristo. Amen


Mother’s Day

13 May

Mother’s Day

You are a great mother to me.

Because you gave me life and showed me the world;

You are a special mother to me.

Because you care and love me tenderly;

You are a wonderful teacher to me.

Because you teach and guide me all the time;

With that, I wish you a great, special and wonderful Mother’s Day.

Pananaliksik: Angkop na Pamamaraan sa Pagkatuto

9 Nov

Ang mga mag-aaral ay mayroon kanya-kanyang katangian at kakayahan sa pag-aaral. Ang bawa’t isa ay may natatanging kaalaman, talino at abilidad upang matulungan ang sarili na unawain ang mga naturang paksa o mga gawain na nais ibahagi ng kanilang mga guro sa paaralan. Subalit, ano ang nararapat gawin ng mga mag-aaral para lalong nilang maintindihan ang mga naturang paksa? Paano nila gagawin ito para mailapat naaayon sa kanilang sariling kaalaman, kakayahan at abilidad? Simple lamang ang kasagutan nito. Bawa’t mag-aaral ay dapat matutong manaliksik hindi lamang sa kanilang  Asignaturang Pananaliksik kundi kahit sa anumang mga asignatura o kurso na inilalatag at isinasakatuparan sa kasalukuyan naaayon sa kurikulum ng bawat paaralan o anuman institusyon na may sapat at wastong layunin para makamit ang pangkalahatang pagkatuto ng bawat mamamayang Pilipino.

Layunin at Kahalagahan

Gaano ba kahalaga na matuto ang bawa’t mag-aaral na manaliksik? Una, sa pananaliksik ay natututo ang mag-aaral na hanapin at alamin ang mga bagong kaalaman o interesadong mga bagay na sila mismo ang nakaalam o gumawa nito. Natututulungan ang mga mag-aaral na maging masipag, matiyaga, malikhain at malayang magdisisyon, kumilos o gumalaw na hindi umaaasa sa iba. Pangalawa, sa pananaliksik ay natutulungan mismo ng mag-aaral ang kanyang sarili na matuto. Sapagka’t hindi lamang ang paningin, pandinig, pang-amoy, panlasa at pakiramdam ang ginagamit sa pananaliksik kundi pati malalim na pagsusuri at interpretasyon ng bawat impormasyon na makuha nila ay maayos na maiproseso sa kanilang mga kaisipan. Sa ganoong paraan, malaking bahagi sa pagkatuto nila ang wastong pamamaraan ng pananaliksik dahil hindi lamang nila ito pinag-iisipan bagkus ginagawa rin nila ito para matuto na umaayon sa teorya ni John Dewey sa wikang Ingles na “Learn by doing it.”  Panghuli, Ang pananaliksik ay isang kasangkapan para mapahusay lalo ang kakayahan ng mag-aaral sa pakikipagkomunikasyon; mapalawak lalo ang magandang relasyon ng mag-aaral sa kanyang kapwa at mapalawig pang lalo ang kaalaman niya sa kanyang kapaligiran at lipunang ginagalawan.

Mga Dapat Tandaan

Sa pananaliksik ay marami ang dapat tandaan ng mga mag-aaral. Nakatala ito sa gawing ibaba.

  1. Maging mapatmatyag sa buong kapaligiran.
  2. Tukuyin ang napipintong suliranin o tinatayang balakid.
  3. Ilahad ang posibleng solusyon sa nasabing suliranin.
  4. Magplano ng isang maayos na pamamaraan para masolusyonan ang nasabing suliranin.
  5. Kumilos o gumawa naaayon sa plano at pamamaraang nabanggit.
  6. Magtala ng mga datus o mahahalagang impormasyon.
  7. Suriing mabuti ang bawat detalye ng impormasyon at lapatan ng angkop na gamit pang-statistica para sa interpretasyon nito.
  8. Sabihin o ilahad ang resulta nito. Ulitin ang pamamaraan ng maraming beses.
  9. Ilahad muli ang pangkalahatang resulta para masagutan ang mga katanungan o matugunan ang mga suliranin o balakid.
  10. Ipahayag ang mga bagong impormasyon o epektibong solusyon ng nasabing suliranin para sa mga mambabasa.

Mga Dapat Iwasan

Sa pananaliksik, marami ang dapat iwasan ng mga mag-aaral.  Ito ay ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Iwasan ang mga impormasyon sa Internet na pawang mali o hindi makakatotohanan.
  2. Iwasan ang maling paggamit ng Internet at hindi wastong pag-uugali at gawi sa paggamit nito
  3. Iwasan ang mga taong manloloko, mapagsamantala, mapanlamang sa kapwa, mapagkunwari o mapagpanggap at may kaduda-dudang hangarin o motibo.