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Cantan Calabungan

21 May

Cantan Calabungan

(Zambal Song recited by Teofila Mas Meron)

Naynay tana kongco lolo katatangis

No sicay nabiay a maisip isip

Siay luwa sa mata mantulo a mapilit

Bana sa labi mon bana sa labi mon

bigla mon inalis


Ayti moyna kari ayti mo inimbi

A pamilabi ta tan sa pamikawili

Sino yacot orin a labas a babaye

A namiwan mo nin a namiwan mo nin

maigot tan labi


Mangibat sa wanin kakoyna umanon

Makilabi-labi a maganap a nacom

Ta no maisip-isip tan mapapanumtom

Siay luwa sa mata siay luwa sa mata

permi yan andaloy


Mangibat sa wanin  kakoyna mangoman

Makilabi-labin maparas manglingwan

Ta no maisip-isip tan mapanumtuman

Siay luwa sa mata siay luwa sa mata

Permin balayabay.







Turuan Mo Ako

31 Jan

Himig Handog Entry



Turuan Mo Ako

(Originally composed by Renato Mas Meron)


Hah, hah, hah,hah, hah, hah  (3x)


Bata man ako sa iyong paningin

Boses ko sanay iyong dinggin

Alam mo bang minahal kita ng lubusan

Pagmamahal ko na di matumbasan,


Ngayon na muli tayong nagkita

Masayang araw ang ating nadarama

Titigan mo ang aking mga mata

Makikita mo ang ningning at sigla

Ng aking mga mata


Bakit hindi mo ako turuan na iwasan ka

Bakit hindi mo ako turuan na limutin ka

Upang hindi ako maghahanap pag mawalay ka

at hindi labis masasaktan pag mawawala ka




Hanggang kailan tayo pwedeng magsasama

Hanggang kailan tayo maging laging masaya

Unawain mo sana ang aking damdamin

Wagas na pag-ibig koy iyong pansinin.


Ngayon na muli tayong nagkita

Masayang araw ang ating nadarama

Titigan mo ang aking mga mata

Makikita mo ang ningning at sigla

Ng aking mga mata


Bakit hindi mo ako turuan na iwasan ka

Bakit hindi mo ako turuan na limutin ka

Upang hindi ako maghahanap pag mawalay ka

at hindi labis masasaktan pag mawawala ka



Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah (3x)



Anak nin Mayaman

1 Dec

The Way You Laugh

11 Nov

Have you ever assign to do a demonstration speech? I created a fictional demonstration speech which I hope can entertain you.  This scenario never happen to me in the real life but for this story sake, I would let it happen.  Keep your eyes on, relax and enjoy.

Ha, Ha, Ha……,!!! He, He, He, He,……!! Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho…..!! (laughs)

Demonstration Speech

            My distinguished audience, good evening.

Supposedly what I think is what I have to say.  What I say is what I have to do. What I do is what I want to demonstrate to you. This is the correct order. Am I right? However, sometimes things happen anytime without passing on this correct order. I will tell you a story about it.

When I was young, I am quite observant-type person.  I observed how the people laugh. They laughed in different ways. One may laughed like this… (without sound and without opening their mouth). This is how some people laughed. They cover their mouths every time they laugh. Other people laugh like this….(sounds like a thunder and widely-opened mouth). Is that how you laugh? You can see already their throat inside.

This is only an introduction of my story.  Actually, this is my story.

Have you ever experience having a diarrhea? Oh, my God!  I experienced that before in a public place.  I was sitting inside the bus with several passengers inside when I felt that my stomach ached.  I wanted to get off immediately to find a restroom. But I was still so far to my destination. I kept myself relax and calm so that it will not come out on my pants.  Despite of body and mind control, still, my body reacted easily and started to sweat heavily. “I urgently need to get off.”  This is what I had said to myself.  When I started to stand up from my seat and began walking inside the bus.  I tried to do like this….(walking cross alternately with my two legs). Trying to tight up my two legs but whatever efforts that I  do, accidents may happen anytime. Accidentally, my bottom released a long, whizzing sound like this… (ssssssss) and smelled, ooh! terrible.  I got off immediately without looking back at the people  inside the bus. One passenger said, “Bless you.” when I got off. I knew some smelled it. But, what can I do? It was a call of nature.  I ran, ran, ran, ran. (running).  Until, I found a fast food chain. The food server greeted me like this…. “Good morning, Sir., What can I help you?”  I replied quickly, “I need a restroom.” and I did not wait for his answer. I went directly to the restroom…….Do you know what? After all, I shouted to myself. “Success!!”

That is my “Success” story. Now, do you know already how the way you laugh?

What is really in your name?

14 Jul

A name of a person whether it is his first name or last name does matter to him.  Whether he likes it or not, he has his own identity through his name. You can find out if his name can really help him or affect him in an every day situation.  But first of all, how do parents derive the names of their children? Let us consider the following assumptions below.

How did you get your name?

1. Parents got the first name of their newly born child from trending person’s names in their locality or in the world.  In the previous years for example, John became famous first name for the boys and Mary for the girls in the world so people followed what were trending first names that time.

2. Parents got the first name of their child from famous religious personalities in the Holy Book.  For instance, David, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Peter and Simon were some well-known personalities in the Christian world.  Therefore, Christian believers named their children after them due to their integrity and inspiring achievements.

3. Parents got the first name of their children from famous celebrities in the world whom they adore so much.  Parents were fascinating that their children will become famous too like them. These celebrities might be in the entertainment industry, sports or political communities.

4. Parents got the first name of their children by putting up together certain letters from the father’s first name or mother’s first name in order to come up with a unique and newly sounding first name for the child.  Sometimes, parents were not aware about how difficult in pronouncing their children’s first names as well as writing the correct spelling of it the way how the parents want to particularly when these children started to go to school.

5. Parents got the first name of their children wherein it is commonly associated with the last name.  For instance, if your last name sounds like an American name due to the father’s descendants even you are a purely Asian citizen, parents picked first names which can match with your last name.

6. Children got their last name due from marriage of their parents.  When a single lady and a gentleman got married, commonly happened was the children’s last name derived from their father’s last name.  Unknowingly, sometimes his last name which sounds funny created troubles in his entire life. Sometimes, it became the center of bullying in the school campus, teasing with his classmates and friends, frustration in love life, disappointment in employment which generally result to more social conflicts from the early stage of his life up to adult life.  Thus, one’s personality undesirably changed gradually.

7.  Some parents associated the first names of their children with certain things which sound nice to them such as Princess, King, Venus, Miracle, Heaven, Lucky, etc.  Parents want their children to be remembered that way with integrity, hope and success.

What is really in your name anyway?

Well, a name is really a name whatever its nature, origin, derivation and purpose. That is one’s identity for being a unique person, for being a functional part of your family or society as a whole.  No matter what it is, learn to love your name as you love your parents.  Because your name is really who you are and it means a lot more than what others expect from you.

Anak nin Mayaman

30 Jun

Anak nin Mayaman
Guillermo Menes Meron alias Emong

“Sicoy labayon mo”

Sicoy labayon mo, anak nin mayaman;
Pito-pitoy aysing, talawinis coy siyam;
No hicoy malyo, humen pisagilyan;
Main putog Neneng, cot tatalunuban.
Ciay luta co Neneng, malawang a putog;
Tamulawon mata, calo cay maabot;
Lumato a bulan Mayo, sicoy mamasursor;
Ciay bini co Neneng, sansalop masulok.
Ciay damulag co Neneng, masyadon malabong;
Lima a cabayan, mapulo a capon;
Maco ca itaw bali, pigaw ca mamipol;
Main oybon a makit mo, masyado ya ot mabong.
Ciay aso co Neneng, labas pesten baboy talon;
Yay ancunaon ay adobon angguygoy;
Maco ca itaw bali, pigaw ca mamipol;
Asay canastro nin nangnaan bisokol.
Ciay manok co Neneng, masyadon laco sila;
An-apunan nan manggas, ankaspi a sanga;
Maco ca itaw bali, pigaw mamipol ca;
Main luway sisiw, tula la ot baga.
Ciay baka co Neneng, masyadon laco sila;
Yay ankunaon co permi nin lao-ya;
Maco ca itaw bali, pigaw mamipol ca;
Main ot sinukbit nin bulong malisa.
Bulong malisa payte, pitpitan mon laya;
Bayo mo sabawan, iiyop coni garana;Laran, laran, laran, ay, ay, ay, ay;
Panayngotan cayna.

Komposisyon ni
Guillermo Menes Meron alias Emong
Insalita ni:
Teofila Mas Meron
(Legal a Lamo)
Impariado ni:
Renato Mas Meron