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Cantan Calabungan

21 May

Cantan Calabungan

(Zambal Song recited by Teofila Mas Meron)

Naynay tana kongco lolo katatangis

No sicay nabiay a maisip isip

Siay luwa sa mata mantulo a mapilit

Bana sa labi mon bana sa labi mon

bigla mon inalis


Ayti moyna kari ayti mo inimbi

A pamilabi ta tan sa pamikawili

Sino yacot orin a labas a babaye

A namiwan mo nin a namiwan mo nin

maigot tan labi


Mangibat sa wanin kakoyna umanon

Makilabi-labi a maganap a nacom

Ta no maisip-isip tan mapapanumtom

Siay luwa sa mata siay luwa sa mata

permi yan andaloy


Mangibat sa wanin  kakoyna mangoman

Makilabi-labin maparas manglingwan

Ta no maisip-isip tan mapanumtuman

Siay luwa sa mata siay luwa sa mata

Permin balayabay.







Public Service or Self-Service

9 May

On Election Day, who among those candidates do you vote for? Who among them do you think is deserving for the said position? Is he/she for the welfare of the general public or is he/she for his/her own welfare once he/she won the election?

What Reasons Behind

Does your candidate running for a government position want to accumulate monies and real properties from government funds, infrastructure projects and programs? Does your candidate running for a government position want to gain authority and power for his own business protection and vested interest? Does he/she have hidden agenda after all? Does your candidate running for a government position have sincere mission and goal-oriented vision to really serve the people? Does he/she possess high qualifications of a good leader?

Voters Expectations

How do you expect a candidate for a government position doing vote-buying before the Election Day? How do you expect a candidate spending millions for election campaign wherein he/she can receive only thousands on his/her monthly salary once he/she was elected? How do you expect a candidate for a government position who can even murder his/her opponent through whatever means just to get the desired position? Sometimes, some candidates do not fully understand the primary reasons why people want to vote. People vote because they want to improve their quality of life. They do not want to live in poverty. People want a government that can provide free and quality education, hospitalization, transportation, food and shelter which what they have expect from paying of their taxes to the government.  Low-income families in the provinces and in poor urban areas really need these things. People want change. They want to live peacefully, happily and free from any forms of discrimination. People want to live in a very clean and safe environment. People have a lot of expectations every time they cast their vote for a candidate whom they believe who can defend them for their rights and privileges as a citizen of the country and whom they believe that can support and help them in times of need.

Citizen’s Role

Every citizen of the country has a corresponding role. He/She must be a good thinker and decision-maker.  He/She should do a background check or see their track records of the candidates in the politics or outside the politics. He/She should not rely on the political ads to make a voting decision. See on what they did rather on what they say now. It is one’s right to vote this Election Day.

Nanay Magpakailanman (Mother Forever)

8 May

nanay ko (2)

Bago ipanganak (Before Birth)

Nanay (Mother): “Asawa ko! Mukhang manganganak na ako ngayon kasi humihilab na ang tiyan ko.” “Aray”!

(“Hubby, I think I will deliver my baby now because my tummy is aching.” “Ouch”!

Tatay (Father): “Sige, Mahal. Dadalhin kita sa ospital ngayon din”

(“Yes, Dear.  I will bring you to the hospital right now”)

Pagkatapos ng Isang Buwan (After a month)

Sanggol (Infant): (umiiyak) “Whaaaa, whaaaa!”

(crying) “Whaaaa, whaaaa!”

Nanay (Mother): (nagmamadali) “Dito na ako, anak. Pasususuhin na kita.”

(in a hurry) “I am already here, baby to breastfeed you.”

Pagkatapos ng isang taon (After a year)

Anak (Baby): “Nanay, Nanay”

(“Mother, Mother”)

Nanay (Mother): (niyakap) “Wow, ang galing, galing mo naman, anak ko”

(hugged the baby) “Wow, you are so smart, my baby.”)

Pagkatapos ng limang taon (After five (5) years)

Anak (Son/Daughter): “Nanay, masama po ang aking pakiramdam.”

(“Mom, I am not feeling well.”)

Nanay (Mother): “Ipatingin kita sa manggagamot.”

(“Let us see the medical doctor.”)

Pagkatapos ng sampung taon (After ten (10) years)

Anak (Son/Daughter): “Nanay, gusto ko po mamasyal, kumain at makatanggap ng regalo sa kaarawan ko”.

(Mom, I would like to take a walk, dine-in with you and receive a gift on my birthday.”)

Nanay (Mother): “Sige, anak. Bastat maging mabait kang bata ay matutupad ang mga kahilingan mo.”

(Son/Daughter, as long as you will be a good child, your wishes will be granted.”)

Pagkatapos ng labinlimang taon (After fifteen (15) years)

Anak (Son/Daughter): “Nanay, nakatapos na ako ng pag-aaral na may karangalan.” “Maraming salamat po sa inyo.”

(“Mom, I graduated already with flying colors.” “Thank you so much.”)

Nanay (Mother): (napakasaya) “Masayang-masaya ako, anak dahil nakatapos ka na may karangalan.”

(very happy) (“I am very happy that you graduated with flying colors, my son/daughter.”)

Pagkatapos ng limang taon (After five (5) years)

Anak (Son/Daughter): “Nanay, mag-aasawa na po ako.”

(“Mom, I am getting married.)

Nanay (Mother): “Binabati kita at hangad ko ang iyong kaligayan at tagumpay.”

(Congratulations and I wish for your happiness and success.”)

Pagkatapos ng sampung taon (After ten (10) years)

Anak (Son/Daughter): “Nanay, heto na po ang mga apo ninyo.”

(“Mom, Here are your grandchildren.”

Nanay (Mother): “Wow, ang gaganda at ang popogi nila.”

(Wow, they are so pretty and handsome.”)

Pagkatapos ng limampung taon (After fifty (50) years)

Nanay (Mother): (umiiyak) “Matanda na ako at malapit ng mamatay. Ano mang oras ay babalik na ako sa  Diyos. Tangi mong pakatandaan na mahalin at pangalagaan mo ang iyong pamilya tulad ng pagmamahal at pangangalaga ko sa iyo noong ikaw ay bata pa, habang lumalaki hanggang magkaroon ng sariling pamilya.”

(crying) (“I am already old and getting nearer to death. Anytime, I will go back to God.  Just remember, you have to love and care your own family as what I did love and care to you when you were young and getting older until you have your own family.”)

Anak (Son/Daughter): (umiiyak) “Nanay ko na pinakamamahal ko. Kung ang Diyos ang nagbigay ng buhay sa akin, Ikaw, Nanay ko ang nagbigay ng kulay ng buhay ko. Ako ay lubos na nagpapasalamat sa iyo, Nanay, sa lahat ng mga bagay na ipinagkaloob mo sa akin. Wala po kayong katulad. Napakadakila po kayong nanay para sa akin at sa aking pamilya. Hindi lang po, masayang pagbati ng Mother’s Day sa inyo kundi masayang Mother’s Forever sa inyo.”

(crying) (“My beloved Mom. If God gave me life, You, my Mother, gave colors in my life.” I am very thankful to you for all the things that you had given to me. You are incomparable. You are the greatest mother for me and for my family. It is not only the greetings of Mother’s Day to you but also the happiest Mother Forever to you.”)








School Opening

2 May

School opening may bring a lot of preparations

Family preparation to enroll their children in school

Schoolchildren that love to play, study and do their lessons

Valuable lessons which they can explore, understand and explain things

Unique things that can answer questions; solve and resolve problems.


School opening may bring a lot of problems

Financial problem is common to all parents and guardians

Families and guardians who paid for the tuition fee and other school fees

School fees which serve as the operating expenses of the school to attain its goals

Goals and objectives of the school towards its vision and mission.


School opening may bring a lot of excitements

Excited children enjoy to wear their new shoes and school uniform

School uniform that matches up with new school bag and school items

School items that are available in the market, bookstore and shopping malls

Shopping malls that can provide everything for the needs of the school children.