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Wishing you enough

10 Feb


“A healthy person has many wishes while a sick person has only one wish.” This is an Indian quotation that reveals how important our life is. Do you have many wishes or do you wish only one? What is life behind those smiles? Do you have enough strength and courage to resist pains and drive away sufferings? Do you wish that no more pains at the end?

Health Condition

A person wishes for a sound body and mind. It is not whatever you possess at present that makes your life longer but how healthy you are that counts. Living a healthy life that we treasured most today than having many treasures.

Financial Status

A person wishes for sufficient monies to have an abundant, comfortable and quality life. Fair incomes, earnings, funds and investments sustain, support and promote quality life. People in all sectors require financial resources to meet their basic needs such as foods, shelter, clothing, education and hospitalization.

Emotional Stability

A person wishes for emotional stability. Life is full of challenges and struggles. Every now and then, we do experience ups and downs; straight and crossroads in our lifetime.  Sometimes, we easily get stressed due to several issues and concerns as we drive up along the way.

Wishing you enough

As mentioned above, I wish you have a very good health with financial and emotional stability. I wish you enough throughout the years.