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November First (Nov. 1)

1 Nov
Candles and Flowers

Candles and Flowers

All Saint’s Day

It has been a Filipino tradition to celebrate All Saint’s Day or All Soul’s Day at the cemetery.  Members of the family, relatives and close friends place on fresh flowers or customized basket of flowers at the tomb of their departed love ones. They also lit up candles and pray together silently for the souls of their relatives. They really miss their love ones who were already rested in peace and trying to accept the fact that their love ones will never come back again to see them.


Aside from Christmas Day, the first day of November sometimes serves as reunion of family members, close relatives, friends, classmates and schoolmates. They bring something to eat like lunch meals and snacks. They talk about anything that sounds interesting to them. They talk about family matters, personal issues, childhood memories, school memorable moments, work experiences and success stories.  They enjoy their company and have some fun.

Significance of November First

November First does not only signify prayers in remembering our departed love ones.  It does not only remembering their heroism, legacy, advocacy, integrity, attitude and personality but also remembering them as greatest people in their own ways leading them towards eternal life.

November First does not only signify reunion or social gathering of all the people that are closed to us. It does not only mean of getting together for a purpose but also remembering those people who are still alive by showing our concern, love and care to them. Some of them are facing certain life challenges. Some people are living in poverty. Others are suffering from severe illnesses or diseases. Some of them are elderly people or persons with special needs. Those concerned citizens of the world have urgent basic needs which every person should pay more attention and able to respond as quickly as possible to their needs. These people need our help and attention more than those people that were rested in peace.

This is the true meaning of November First.  This is what our departed love ones wish and want for us to do. Life is too short for people who are doing great things than those who are doing nothing.