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The Battle for a Reason by Renato Mas Meron

28 Apr

The Battle to Win

Some people have the battle to win against their opponents or competitors.  Athletes in boxing, basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer and other sports want to win in a battle.  Sport’s fans also want their idols to win.  Contestants in singing, dancing or talent competition show their best performance to win the battle.

The Battle to Change

Some people have the battle to change.  They want to change the society where they belong.  Some people want changes in the government system that offers public services.  Some people change as they grow and develop.  These changes in various ways can be obviously observed by anyone. They might change physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, economically and spiritually.

The Battle to Heal

Some people have the battle to heal.  People with sickness or illness want to be completely healed.  They ask for medical help from the professional doctors.  They ask for spiritual help from the Almighty One.  People who got in despair or broken-hearted need emotional recovery or fast healing.

The Battle to Live

Some people have the battle to live.  Victims of crime like in drug-trafficking, human-trafficking, homecide and other crimes who were sentenced by the highest court with death penalty or capital punishment need the battle to live.  These people need your prayers to save them from execution. Pro-life supporters pursue and promote their advocacy for rights to live of every citizen of the world  and have a quality, peaceful and happy life.

School that educates people (Step) to Move by Renato Mas Meron

19 Apr

STEP to start the day,
STEP to clean the way;
STEP to plant the seed,
STEP to move ahead.

STEP to conduct an experiment,
STEP to protect the environment;
STEP to search the truth,
STEP to serve them both.

STEP to work properly,
STEP to help the needy;
STEP to do right action,
STEP to develop innovation.

STEP to teach the children,
STEP to learn more than ten;
STEP to be a better Bulakeño,
STEP to be a true Filipino.