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Teach Me How

20 Aug

Teach Me How.

Teach Me How

20 Aug

Meron at Gaylord HotelI am a child that grows bigger and wild

I need to take a walk and talk with you as a child

Make a step one, two to three until I can climb a tree

Teach me how to run and have some fun around you.

I am a child that thinks wider and bright

I need to stay here and play under the sunlight

Great outdoor experience brings up more essence

Teach me how to explore about things beyond my door.

I am a child that needs your comfort

I need your loving care and good rapport

Love me for what I am and wherever I came from

Teach me all the areas of learning from morning until evening.

I am a child that has always a dream

I need your coolness like an ice cream

Your positive attitude and good mood everyday

Teach me how to teach other children well someday.