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Investigating Child Abuse

29 Jul


What is Child Abuse?

Child abuse is one of the primary problems of the society today.  Child abuse is not only inflicting physical harm to the child but it shows in several ways. Child abuse may be emotional harm, traumatic experience, verbal and non-verbal harm or even simply negligence to the child.  Child abuse may be putting them into dangerous situations, maltreated, engaged in child labor, taking away their freedom to play with their peers, too much unlawful restrictions, disrespecting their rights and privileges,  sexually abuse, taking for granted on their weaknesses.

Child abuse varies from different ages, gender, social-economic status, family background and culture.

Did you know that?

  • In 2006, about 905,000 children ages from 0 to 17 years in the United States were victims of maltreatment
  • In general, girls tend to be the victims of abuse more than boys
  • more boys experience physical abuse between the ages 8 and 11
  • highest rate in African American population (19.8 per 1000 children)
  • children were abused or maltreated by a parent acting alone or with another person
  • neglect was the common maltreatment
  • parents who usually abuse their spouses have the tendencies to abuse their children



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