A Happy Father’s Month

26 May

In relation to the death anniversary of my father this May 27 (Memorial Day) and wonderful celebration of the Father’s Day,  I would like to pay tribute to him for being a great father.  I was born without a father figure in our family.  My parents got separated when my mother was in 3 month-pregnant on me.  My father had second family but still he did not forget to visit us about once or twice a year.  I did not know him before.  I thought he was just only a family guest visiting us.  When my father visited us, my older sister next to me excitedly and happily went to him and kiss his hand as a sign of respect.  If he arrived and I am playing, I just continued playing and say to my sister, “Your father arrives.”   I did not know that my father had talked to my sister asking help for introducing him to me as my father.  One day, after my father enrolled me in high school as freshman, he took me to a restaurant. We ate together.  That was the moment when he got the chance to introduce himself to me.  He said, “Do you know me?’ I could not answer quickly.  I am just looking at him.  Then, he continued, “I am your father.”  I could not imagine his feelings and emotions that time but he had the courage to say it to me.   I could not describe how I feel that time at the age of 12.  I felt I had already a complete family even I know only just a couple of hours because he should go back to his work and second family which is too far from us.  He accompanied me to buy school things that I need  and buy fresh foods in the wet market.  We went back home together and have a good lunch with my mother and other family members.  Before he departed and said goodbye, it was the first time that I kissed his hand as a sign of respect to my father.

I was a high school junior when I got sick badly.  I had been seen by the medical doctor, people using natural medicines but my health condition was getting worse.  I having a high fever then chilly temperature.  I got diarrhea and throwing up.  I got lose weighs in just few days.  I was absent for more than a week already in school. I remembered that week was our school exams of all subjects.  My mother was so bothered and worried about me.  She could not work, eat and sleep well.  My father who was living and working too far can cure or heal somebody who is sick.   His background career was in military but he had a special ability to cure some illnesses.  I knew and witnessed it personally.  So I requested to my mother to telegraph my father immediately.  Early morning the following day, my father rushed into our house and cured me with his prayers and certain medicinal herb extracts.  He really rescued my life.  I thought I would die that early age.

When I got a chance to live with my father when I started to go into college, he treated me fairly with his second family.  We never had any conflicts while living with them in spite of my father’s condition that was one-blind eye due to the call of duty as a great policeman and one-amputated leg due to diabetes.  He was no longer working in the hospital that time as a security guard but he was still earning a living for us and well-known in their community as an herbal doctor.

He was a loving father who is ready to provide the family needs.  I never saw my father having arguments or conflicts with my mother.  They settled down certain conflicts nicely and appropriately. My father was also a great singer and dancer during his times.  Because of his talents, he was frequently invited by some local politicians in fiestas and other special occasions such as weddings just to entertain the guests through his traditional songs and dances.

Although we had bonded together for a very short time but the quality time that he gave for his families that matters most to me.  I understand him. I felt his love and presence as a father to all of us regardless of distance, family status and life challenges.

We really miss you, Tatay. We love you so much.  Happy Father’s Day to all.


5 Responses to “A Happy Father’s Month”

  1. Jennifer R. Reyes BSE3B December 6, 2014 at 1:11 am #

    Super touching story.. I love my father too. I admired him a lot because of his being wonderful, amazing and responsible father to us.He also cares a lot when we are sick.

  2. Mara Donna Yago November 9, 2016 at 1:47 pm #

    Ang ating mga ama ay hindi sinasabi sa atin kung gaano nila tayu kamahal sapagkat pinaparamdam nila ito sa atin ,lalo na kung nasa kapahamakan tayu sila ung taong handa tayong ipaglaban hanggang kamatayan , katulad ng papa ko na laging malamig ang pakikitungo sa akin sa bawat oras na kasama ko sya sa bahay pero may time na may nambastos sa akin at na kwento ko ito sa aking ina at nalaman ito ni papa ,sobra syang nagalit at doon ko nakita na mahal nyako kahit na di nya sabihin sa akin dahil hindi naman ako manhid .

  3. Marvin P. Havana November 9, 2016 at 2:05 pm #

    “AMA” Siya ang nagsisilbing haligi ng tahanan, kaagapay at kumakalinga sa ilaw ng tahanan. Ang ating ama ay dapat nating mahalin, dahil sila ay bagsasakripisyo , di nila iniinda ang pagod, sakit ng pangangatawan, at paghihirap dahil alam nilang yun ang kanilang tungkulin o rensponsibilidad. Handa silang kumayod maghapon may maipang-bili lang ng makakain ang kanyang pamilya. Nagsisikap syang iahon sa kahirapan ang kanyang pamilya. Kaya dapat tayong mga anak nila ay magpasalamat dahil biniyayaan tayo ng kanya kanyang ama na handang gumabay, magmahal, mag-paalala, at handang magsakripisyo para sa ikabubuti at ika-aayos ng ating kanya kanyang pamilya.

    -Marvin Havana

  4. Mara Donna Yago November 9, 2016 at 2:43 pm #

    Sila ung masasabi nating haligi ng tahanan na syang gumagawa ng paraan upang tayo ay mabuhay. Sila ung nagpapakapagod para mayroon tayong makain sa araw araw na pamumuhay. Sila ung gumagabay sa atin tungo sa tamang landas. Sila ang dakilang ama na handang isakripisyo ang lahat upang hindi tayo maghirap.Sila ung ating tagapagtangkos sa mga masasamang tao na lumalapit sa atin. Kaya ngayun ay ang kanilang espisyal na araw sa kanilang buhay. Gumawa tayu ng isang magandang gawin upang sa gayon masuklian natin ang kanilang ginagawang pagtatrabaho. Kaya sa aking ama,papa, tatay,daddy,epart,amang,at kahit na ano pang tawag sa inyo magandang pagbati sa araw ng mga ama. Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.

    -lealyn Dacalcap
    stem -c

  5. Jerico Lustestica November 10, 2016 at 12:03 am #

    Isa din sa mga importante sa ating buhay ay ang ating ama dahil sila din ang handang magsakripisyo para buhayin at mabigyang ng magandang pamumuhay ang kanyang pamilya. Kahit minsan hindi nila niisip na pabayaan ang kanilang pamilya kahit ano gagawin nila. Kaya lagi tayong magpasalamat at mahalin natin ang ating mga ama.

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