Aging Mother

3 May

Our mother is the greatest person that we ever known in the world. She is our role model of traditions, family values and love.  Our mother devotes her entire life and sacrifices many things for the welfare of her family.  Our mother makes sure that all of her children are always in good condition with or without her husband’s support.  But what if our mother is getting old now, does she deserve to be cared for her needs? Absolutely Yes, it is our obligation as her children to take good care of her to the rest of her life.  What does an aging mother need?  Just like what a baby needs, let us consider the most essential things below.

Aging mother needs daily basic needs.

Our mother needs nutritious foods to sustain healthy life.  She needs clean clothes, bed sheets and blankets.  Our mother needs a family home and living together with her own children.  She feels happy with her own children and grandchildren.

Aging mother needs medical help and healthy habits.

Our mother needs the help of a medical doctor to monitor her health regularly as she gets older.  She needs to practice healthy habits like personal hygiene, enough sleep, getting fresh air and does simple physical exercises daily.

Aging mother needs our time.

Providing the basic needs for our mother is not enough, she needs also our precious time with her.  No matter how busy we are, no matter how poor or wealthy we are, we as her children should provide a quality time with her.  Our mother wants us to listen to her stories frequently.  She also listens to the stories that we want to share with her.  Quality bonding time is necessary to cherish the good memories with our mother as she lives with us.  Try to take a walk with her in a very awesome and wonderful environment.  Talk to your mother with all your heart and let your mother feels that you really love her very much.

Aging mother needs you

Do you know how important you are to your mother? You are so important to her.  Do not ever leave the opportunity to take good care of your mother.  Because if you will ignore this kind of opportunity to your mother, you do not know what will happen next.  Time comes that you cannot ever hear her voice and stories.  You cannot ever hear her advises.  You cannot ever see her smiling and laughing with your funny jokes. No more mother to receive your Mother’s Day greeting card.  No more mother to wake you up in the morning.  No more mother to prepare your favorite meals. You cannot ever hug and comfort her with your loving arms. You cannot ever go together again to the church, shopping malls, birthday parties, beaches, fiestas and other special occasions.  Definitely, you will really miss her presence.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? It is not too late. Act now.  Wherever you are, always remember your dearest mother.  Have a “Happy Mother’s Day!”


3 Responses to “Aging Mother”

  1. eirish alcantara December 5, 2014 at 2:27 pm #

    I want to share my experienced last Thursday night when I went home after our class .My stomach was aching and I didn’t know what to do until I reached our house the pain was still there, then my mom asked ” what happen to you?”
    “my stomach was aching!” I replied. She was about to sleep at that time but she decided stood up and looked for some medicine so that it can lessen the pain. Relating this experienced to this article it only shows that our Mothers are willing to sacrifice everything that she has just to makes sure that her son/ daughter is on the safe hands. When I read this article realize that as a daughter I must change the unconditional love that my mother given to me. We can’t predict the time if their still alive or not, so if they need our help lets help them like the way that they help us when don’t know how to talk and walk in short when we are innocent. Life is too short if you will not do it now when is the right time? if they already cold? do something that our mother will be happy and proud,

    To my Mom,
    Thank you for everything. I love you

  2. Rellosa, Mariz December 5, 2014 at 3:12 pm #

    This article opens my eyes that I have an obligation to love and take care of our parents in their last breath. Taking on the responsibility of caring our parents can be a big challenge, but it represents a great second chance to show your parents how much you love them and appreciate that sacrifices that made for you. Taking care of our mother means taking care of what they needs. But sometimes we misunderstood for what they needs and for what they want. Elderly parents do not only need clothes, food, and a warm place to sleep. They also need love, emotional and moral support, and time with their families. Always inspire our parents to live and to enjoy life. A child’s love and care for his parents is exceptional and priceless.
    – RELLOSA BSE 3AMathematics

  3. Marvin P. Havana Jr. November 9, 2016 at 2:28 pm #

    Ang aking ina ang siyang nagluwal at nagpalaki sa aming magkakapatid. Siya ang ilaw ng tahanan. Ang aking ina na marahil ang pinaka mabait, mapagbigay, at mapagmahal na ina para sa akin. May pagkakataon na may mali akong nagagawa, at handa kong tanggapin ang kanyang sermon. Dahil alam ko naman na ako ang may maling Nagawa. Nagpapasalamat ako sa diyos dahil biniyayaan nya ako ng isang mapag arugang ina. Pinangakuan ko ang aking ina na di muna ako mag aasawa habang dikopa sila nabibili ng Bahay at kotse. Nangako ako na tutulungan ko muna sila ni papa. Tutuparin ko lahat ng aking pinangako saking ama at ina. Proud kong ipaaalam sa mundo na sya ang aking mapagmahal na ina.

    -Marvin Havana

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