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What is Love?

3 Feb

What is Love?.

What is Love?

3 Feb

Love is only a four-letter word but can describe more than four hundred words. It is a simple word but meaningful to everybody. Love is a kind of feeling just like other feelings which manifests by one’s emotion, gesture or action towards a person, certain thing, work or a place and even uncertain thing brought about by the person’s beliefs, attitudes and practices. Love is not only celebrated during the month of February but it should be shared throughout the years.

Love is a Feeling

Love is said to be a feeling in the sense that there is an inter-relatedness of cause and effect.  It is more than an attraction. Sometimes you deeply in love because there are certain attributes or characteristics which you love most rather than like it. For instance, you love that person regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic status, cultural background or sometimes your relationship because you perceive that person unique and stands out among the rest as far as good personality is concerned. The cause in this sense is the qualities of this person that you perceived while the effect is the love that gradually developed on you.  Your Divine love to the Almighty One is also developed because of your faith.

God’s Love

God’s love is incomparable and unconditional one.  God created the world for His people.  God created you for a purpose. That is to take good care of His creation and be responsible to it.  He gave you life that you enjoy now.  He provided you things that you need. God shows His love not only for a few of us but to all of us.  He said “Whatever you do to the least of my brother, you do it unto Me.”

People’s Love

People love shows in various types and levels.  People love their families .  They do whatever the best that they can for their family. Different countries have their own legal laws in recognizing a family.  Various debates and protests have been going on in some parts of the world for family issues and concerns.  Other government and non-government agencies come up with a long-term plan or possible alternative solutions.  However, this scenario happens may be because of love that exists on them.  It is common to them to love one another.

Love of Other Things

People love other things such as their pets, work or job, money, house, business, cars and innovative gadgets like smartphones, places that they had visited and important events in their lifetime.  We know that these things are important to you. However, have extra-careful because you can only owe these things temporarily.  You have to use them wisely and learn to share your blessings to less fortunate ones who do not have these things that you really enjoy at present.