Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

9 Sep

Christmas Lanterns

As early as September, Christmas season starts already in the Philippines.  It considers as the longest and happiest holiday throughout the year in the Philippines. It starts on the first of September and ends on the first week of January after the ‘Three Kings Visitation’. What are the observable things in the Philippines that is really Christmas season? Let us enumerate below

Media plays important role during Christmas season. 

Christmas songs are played in all radio stations which make the people feel better and happy while listening to the music.  TV stations broadcast commercials with the theme of Christmas.  They have also TV programs, contests, games and charity services for the Christmas season. Print media like newspapers and magazines are accepting ads from various employers intended for job applicants for the Christmas season.

House and School Preparation

As early as September, homeowners decorate their houses with Christmas decors like Christmas tree, Christmas lanterns, Christmas lights, The Holy Family, Santa Claus, angels and so forth.  Christmas decors vary from one house to another.  It might be Christmas decors which they bought from shopping malls or stalls.  It might be their own unique decors out of recycled materials.  The house looks wonderful and brings the Christmas atmosphere to anybody that comes in.  Schools both public and private also prepare for the Christmas season.  Students decor their classrooms nicely.  They make Christmas lanterns and Christmas cards from any available materials at hand.

Mall of Asia

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

When the people receive their 13th-month pay and Christmas bonus, they go to shopping malls to buy new house appliances, gadgets, clothes, shoes, Christmas gifts, grocery items and many more.  Most business establishments and companies gain more profits during Christmas season due to the buying public. Filipino farmers have harvest their crops and sell it to the market.  They have enough money to buy new things too. It is better and convenient to shop for Christmas gifts on the months of September and October because more sales and clearances during this period.

Misa de Gallo

Christmas Weather

Even the Philippines is in the tropic region, the country experiences slightly cold weather during the month of November until January due to the monsoon wind from the north pole.  People use sweater or jacket in going to church to attend the Holy Mass which  usually starts at 4 o’clock in the morning. The whole Filipino family hear the mass early then they proceed to fast food chains or market afterwards.  The early morning mass starts on December 16 and ends on Christmas Day.

Noche Buena

Christmas Programs, Christmas Parties, Family and School Reunions

The month of December is the busiest month for all the Filipinos.  They prepare for the upcoming Christmas Programs, Christmas Parties, Family or School Reunions. Schools and other business companies have their own Christmas programs and parties.  People cook plenty of foods and invite their relatives, close friends and neighbors to eat, sing and dance together during Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It is memorable and wonderful experience.  Christmas carols is being practiced also from one house to another by most of the children and some adults. There is a number of family reunions or school reunions during the Christmas season which extends up to the first week of January before the summer months begin.  The reunion is very awesome because there are a lot of foods to eat and fun activities to do.


2 Responses to “Christmas, Christmas, Christmas”

  1. Bhi Urayenza December 5, 2014 at 8:15 am #

    Abigail A. Urayenza BSE III- B

    The Christmas season in the Philippines usually begins in September and lasts until the first week of January, just right after the celebration of the Epiphany or the Magi’s visitation. What makes the Christmas season in this country unique are the traditional activities we Filipinos do.
    As early as September, Christmas songs enjoy continuous radio airplay to welcome the season. Even the television joins in by featuring the Christmas theme in their ads, contests, games and charity services. Newspapers and magazines are not to be left out because they also print job opportunities for the holidays.
    In the residential areas, homeowners are kept busy with decorating Christmas trees, lanterns and miniatures featuring the Nativity of the Lord or the ‘Belen’. These decors help bring out the Christmas spirit for the revelers and visitors. The same goes for schools wherein students are engaged in Christmas decor and card-making activities.
    And who could forget about shopping? Once the people received their bonuses and cash incentives, they spend them well on buying new things from sales. The Christmas season also mark the boom in profits for the businesses. Harvest time also brings prosperity for the farmers, too.
    The climate in the Philippines also shifts from humid to cool weather due to the monsoon wind, and this makes us wear warm clothes especially when hearing the mass at 4 o’clock in the morning. This mass, which is known as the “Misa de Gallo” typically begins on December 16 and concludes on Christmas Eve.
    December also marks the busiest month of the year as reunions, get-together and programs are being scheduled to celebrate Christmas holidays. It is a nice time for festive foods especially served for the season. Fun activities such as dancing happens around this time. Christmas caroling are being practiced in the neighborhood.

  2. Marvin P. Havana Jr. November 9, 2016 at 2:50 pm #

    Pasko, isa sa ipinagdidiwang sa araw ng disyembre. Masayang ipagdiwang ang araw na ito dahil maraming masasayang tao, at payapa.
    Pasko ang pinaka iintay ng mga bata, dahil sila ay namamasko, sa kanilang mga ninong at ninang. Nakatutuwang pagmasdan ang mga batang masayang umaawit at naglalaro sa araw ng kapaskuhan. Sa darating na kapaskuhan, luluwas ang aking mga kamag-anak sa bicol upang ipagdiwang sa aming bahay ang araw ng pasko. Pero sana wag mawala ang tunay na diwa ng pasko. Ang pagbibigayan at pagmamahalan.

    -Marvin Havana

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