What is your birthday wish?

17 Aug

“Blow the candle lights”

Our birthday is one of the most celebrated events in our life.  We give thanks to the Almighty God who had given us life.  We do acknowledge our loving family who had raised up and guided us to become good citizens of the world.  We appreciate the presence of our friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives for their wonderful supports in times of urgent needs.  Some people enumerate their birthday wishes as follows:

Good Health

Most people wish that they get maintain good health on their birthday and to the rest of their lives.  How can you determine the taste of delicious birthday foods  if you cannot eat them anymore because you are severely sicked?  How can you feel the joy of having a birthday party if you cannot sing or dance with your guests anymore?  People should stay fit all the time so that they can do wholesome activities which they want to do.

Better Income or Profits

Most people wish that they get better job or business venture to increase their income or profits.  How can you treat yourself and your family on your birthday if your individual income  goes from paycheck to paycheck only?  How can you expand your business if you have limited resources to run your business? For economic reasons, people should look for a better job  or business opportunity wherein it may bring them into a higher income or generate more profits in order to meet their daily needs.  They want to save their money for long-term use.

Best Family

Most people wish their own family to be the best.  How can your family live peacefully and happily together if some members of your family are fighting to one another for some reasons?  How can your family be united if some family members are separated from each other by distance, wealth, life principles, faith, values, attitude, work, crimes and death?  Anybody in the family wants their extended family to be the best family in the world with flourishing joy, contentment, respect, hope, love and care.

Therefore, whether you have a birthday party or not, just pray that these birthday wishes will push true with God’s guidance, friends and family’s supports and  your positive attitude about life.


4 Responses to “What is your birthday wish?”

  1. Loren Michelle DC. Arcega December 5, 2014 at 2:48 am #

    The main idea of this short story is birthday is the most celebrated and wonderful event in our life. It is the most special day of our life because it is the day of our birth which is the biggest blessing in our parents. Not all wishes do come true but people are still wishing that someday it will come true.This short story elaborates the three most wishes of a person. Good health,in a way that they could join their friends to celebrate their another year in life. Better income, in a way that they could treat himself on what they want. And also to have a business that could be added to his savings that he can use in the future. And lastly on the wishes, best family, a person’s life will never be complete without a family that guides and help them in times of trouble and sorrow. The best family that was filled with joy and endless love. Material things can never replaced our family. Whenever you have a party or none just be happy and thankful that you have given another year to treasure. Whenever this wishes do come true,we must still pray not just to have this but to become a better creation of GOD. Just also pray for God’s guidance and don’t lose hope that God will grant those wishes, maybe not now but in the right time and place.

  2. Mara Donna Yago November 9, 2016 at 2:15 pm #

    Ang wish na gusto ko ay ung mag karoon ng magandang kalusugan ang pamilya ko at lalo na ang mahal ko sa buhay ,dahl sila ung mga taong nandyan para damayan ka at sila ung tibay at lakas mo asa araw-araw . Ang pagkakaroon ng kaarawan ay isang biyaya dahil sa kaarawang iyon ay isinilang ka sa mundo at nakakilala ka ng mga taong magmamahal sayo ng tapat at mag-aaruga sayo habang buhay

  3. Marvin P. Havana Jr. November 9, 2016 at 2:19 pm #

    Ang aking kahilingan sa aking darating na kaarawan ay simple lang, Makatapos ako ng pag-aaral, makakuha ng magandang trabaho. Kaya ito ang aking kahilingan ay dahil sa nais Kong makatulong sa aking mga magulang. Gusto Kong makabawi at masuklian ang aking mga magulang para sa kanilang pag-sasakripisyo nila sa aming magkakapatid. Nais kong guminhawa ang kanilang buhay. walang problema at masaya. Sana ganito nalang palagi, masaya at walang iniisip na problema. ito lang po ang aking kahilingan para sa aking kaarawan.

  4. Client Jessie L. Calventas November 10, 2016 at 5:38 am #

    Kung kaarawan ang paguusapan mga apat na taon ko nang hindi ipinagdiriwang ang kaarawan ko. Ako ang taong hindi masaya sa birthday ko o kung dumaan man ay parang normal na araw lang. Hindi ako nagiging masaya, marahil walang nakakaalala ng kaarawan ko pagdating sa mga kaibigan ko, may iilan pero yung ibang pinakamalapit na kaibigan mo ay hindi nila naaala. Ngunit ang wish ko sa birthday ko ay sana maranasan ko rin kung gaano kasayang ipagdiwang ang aking kaarawan sa araw na ito upang maalaman ko kung gaano kasaya sa piling ng aking mga kaibigan at pamilya sa aking kaarawan.

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