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Parts of the Science Investigatory Project Report

28 Aug

Parts of the Science Investigatory Project Report.


What if your first birthday party would be the last one?

25 Aug

What if your first birthday party would be the last one?.

What if your first birthday party would be the last one?

25 Aug

The Death

August 25 is the death anniversary of our beloved aunt, Indo Simay.  She died last August 25, 1998 at the age of 83.  I can still remember when I was  in the private school.  An office staff called me saying that I had a phone call. My niece was on the line and she told me that my beloved aunt, Indo Simay passed away in our province.  I could not imagine myself when I got cry.  Tears were flowing continuously on my face when I remembered the good memories of my late aunt.  Everybody in our family felt very sad when she died. Everybody knew that Indo Simay was so nice to all of us. She loved our family.  She loved her sisters so much including their siblings and grandchildren.

The Discovery

Beforehand, Indo Simay did not know her birthday since she was born.  Due to massive damages brought about World War II.  no listing of her name in the local registry records.  Ever since, she was not celebrating her birthday. She only estimating her age then. When one of my brothers incidentally found her name in the records of the Church when Indo Simay was baptized   in the Roman Catholic Church. It was stated in the record when and where she was born.  That was December 10, 1917 in Santa Cruz, Zambales, Philippines

The Very First Birthday Party

As initiated by my brother, members of Indo Simay’s extended family which include all her relatives had planned to have special event for her very first birthday party that was held last December 10, 1997.  She will be 83 years old that time on her birthday.

The very first Birthday Party of Indo Simay was very memorable moments to everybody specially for her.  All elders and living sisters with their own families were there to witness the special occasion.  It seemed that everybody was happy.  Indo Simay as a single lady and never been married was so happy that time.  She prayed first.  She did a lot of conversation with the guests and relatives.  She laughed and felt so excited what was going on that day. She even danced with the beat of the music that kept on playing in a loud speaker.  Indo Simay started to cry when each one of us danced her one at a time in the rhythm of a waltz music. Indo Simay cried because she felt how everybody really loves her in that moments. The party was accompanied by a country band. My brothers and I had rendered some folk songs with the country band.  We served a lot of foods to all the guest who attended the party. There were a lot of gifts received by Indo Simay.  All the relatives and friends gave certain amount of money to Indo Simay and pinned the money bills on her birthday clothes as they danced with her at the center of the floor.  It seemed like her wedding day.  People felt mixed emotions of happiness, love and care.  It was a whole-day event.  The following year, we did not know that the very first birthday party would be the last one for Indo Simay because it was on August 25, 1998 when she died due to pneumonia.

Indo Simay’s Legacy

Indo Simay was a very nice daughter of her parents, sister of all her sisters. She did a lot of sacrifices to all of us.  Indo Simay helped and supported her parents and sisters in various ways. She spent most of her life with her parents and sisters. She was a very hardworking person.  She worked from early in the morning until late in the evening.  Indo Simay loved us unconditionally.  She was worried so much when one of us were suffering from any illness.  She was crying when one of us was missing.  Indo Simay was a religious woman.  She never lost faith to God.  She kept on praying to God in the morning, afternoon and evening with the Holy Rosary on her hand.  Indo Simay was attending the weekly Holy Mass even she was working seven days a week.   She never left my mother while we were growing up. Indo Simay served, cared and loved us with all her efforts, skills and abilities.  We treasured so much all her advises and kindness.  Indo Simay can be considered as the unsung hero in the modern world. I know you are in heaven now, Indo Simay, because you really deserved to be there with the Almighty God forever.  We keep on praying for your soul. We love you so much, Indo Simay.

What is your birthday wish?

17 Aug


What is your birthday wish?.

What is your birthday wish?

17 Aug

Our birthday is one of the most celebrated events in our life.  We give thanks to the Almighty God who had given us life.  We do acknowledge our loving family who had raised up and guided us to become good citizens of the world.  We appreciate the presence of our friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives for their wonderful supports in times of urgent needs.  Some people enumerate their birthday wishes as follows:

Good Health

Most people wish that they get maintain good health on their birthday and to the rest of their lives.  How can you determine the taste of delicious birthday foods  if you cannot eat them anymore because you are severely sicked?  How can you feel the joy of having a birthday party if you cannot sing or dance with your guests anymore?  People should stay fit all the time so that they can do wholesome activities which they want to do.

Better Income or Profits

Most people wish that they get better job or business venture to increase their income or profits.  How can you treat yourself and your family on your birthday if your individual income  goes from paycheck to paycheck only?  How can you expand your business if you have limited resources to run your business? For economic reasons, people should look for a better job  or business opportunity wherein it may bring them into a higher income or generate more profits in order to meet their daily needs.  They want to save their money for long-term use.

Best Family

Most people wish their own family to be the best.  How can your family live peacefully and happily together if some members of your family are fighting to one another for some reasons?  How can your family be united if some family members are separated from each other by distance, wealth, life principles, faith, values, attitude, work, crimes and death?  Anybody in the family wants their extended family to be the best family in the world with flourishing joy, contentment, respect, hope, love and care.

Therefore, whether you have a birthday party or not, just pray that these birthday wishes will push true with God’s guidance, friends and family’s supports and  your positive attitude about life.

Flood, Flood, Flood

10 Aug

“Come on. Hold my hand.”

People around the world were so affected whenever flood occurs in their respective areas.  Rain water flows everywhere from a higher place to a lower place.  Real properties that you had developed and built within a number of years from bank loans and family incomes were washed away in just a couple of minutes.  Agricultural crops were devastated and farm animals were disturbed too. Schools in all levels and government offices were closed for several days or even weeks.  No business transactions anywhere and the country’s economy declined.  Most of the main streets were not passable and people were stranded. Sometimes, heavy flood resulted into more casualties and a number of injured persons and sick people due to landslides, drowning, electric-shock incident and congested environment.

Preventive Measures

It is beyond the control of man about the weather disturbances like flood.  It occurs anytime and anywhere.  However, we can prevent more of its damages and destruction if we follow certain precautions below.

  •  Update yourself about daily weather in your area.  Always see or hear the latest weather bulletin in your touch screen mobile phone,  TV and radio broadcast stations and daily newspapers.
  • Have a two-floor or three-floor house if you are living in a low land which serves as the basin of flowing water.  It should have a strong foundation against flood.
  • Always check your electrical installation if the electric outlets and extension cords on it are high enough for the safety of family members against entry and rapid rising of water inside the house.
  • Insured your real properties and investments so that it will not be a total lost when calamities occur like flood.
  • Harvest agricultural crops in seasoned and sell it in the market immediately.
  • Build a stable shelter for farm animals and/or sell some of them in the market.
  • Stay in your safe home during heavy flood until the water subsides.  However, vacate your house if it is necessary for your own safety as well as of your family.
  • Always ready your first-aid kit with complete medicines against diarrhea, cold and high fever.
  • Have non-perishable food items in your storage cabinets such as canned goods, cup noodles, rice and get enough potable water too.