Parts of the Science Investigatory Project Report

18 Jul

Science Investigatory Project

Doing an investigatory project considers as a major achievement of any students in Science.  Through scientific investigation, they learn how to apply the acquired knowledge,  scientific concepts, theories, principles and laws of nature.  They can use their higher-order process or thinking skills in conducting a research. Let us provide you a brief description of the parts of the Science Investigatory Project Report below.


The Title should be clear and precise.  It has an objective or purpose.  It should not be written too long or too short.  By just reading the title, you can determine what the investigative study is all about.


The Abstract should be one or two paragraphs only.  It includes your research problems, the method or procedure that you used and the findings or conclusion of the study.

Chapter I

1. Introduction and Its Background

The Introduction is about one page only wherein it includes the background of the study and its rationale.  It usually leads into the research problem.

2.  Statement of the Problem

The Statement of the Problem has two categories namely: the general problem and specific problems.  Usually, one general problem and three specific problems which derived from the general problem.  The research problems should be specific, reliable,valid, measurable, objectively stated.  It can be a question form or in a declarative statement.

3. Formulation of the Hypothesis

The Formulation of the Hypothesis has two types namely: the null hypothesis and affirmative hypothesis.  Hypotheses is a scientific guess which intends subject for thorough investigation.  It is recommended to use null hypothesis in your research project.

4. Significance of the Study

The Significance of the Study indicates how important is your investigatory project for the people, environment and community as a whole.  It is really relevant in the changing world or global impact into the field of technology.

5.  Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The Scope and Delimitation of the Study covers the range of your research.  It includes the period of research, the materials and equipment to be used, the subject of the study or the sample of the study, the procedure and the statistical treatment to be used.

6. Definition of Terms

The Definition of Terms has two types: the Dictionary-derived definitions and the Operational definitions which derived from how these terms were used in your research.

Chapter II

Review of Related Literature and Studies

Related Literature

The Related Literature are statements taken from science books, journals, magazines, newspapers and any documents from authorized scientists, Science experts or well-known Science agencies. These statements can support your study through their concepts, theories, principles and laws.  Footnoting is important on this part.

Related Studies

The Related Studies are those researches which may be local and foreign studies who can attribute to your research or can support your investigation scientifically.  Footnoting is also important on this part.

Chapter III

Methodology has several parts namely: the subject of the study, the procedure and the statistical treatment

1. The Subject of the Study

The Subject of the Study includes your population and the sample.  It applies the sampling techniques to obtain a good sample of the study.  Your sample should be valid and reliable.

2. The Procedure

The Procedure is the step by step and systematic process of doing your research.  It includes the materials with right amount of measurements, the appropriate equipment to be used in doing the scientific investigation.  It consists of several trials with control variables, independent variables and dependent variables.  Gathering of data is essential in any kind of research.  It is recommended to use control and experimental set-ups to arrive at valid conclusion.

3. Research Design

The Research Design may be shown through Theoretical Framework or Conceptual Framework wherein the researcher plans and designs his study with significant theories, concepts and connections. It shows the input, intervention and output of the study.


4. The Statistical Treatment

The Statistical Treatment comes in various ways.  It can be mean, median, mode, percentage, Chi-square, standard deviation, T-test, Pearson r, Spearman rank or Anova I or Anova II.  It is recommended to use T-test in any experimental research.

Chapter IV

Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

1. Presentation of Data, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

The data gathered should be presented in order to be analyzed. It may be presented in two forms namely: through table or graph.  You may use both of them if you want to clearly figure out your data. A table has labels with quantity, description and units of measurement.  Graph has several types namely the line graph, bar graph, pie graph and pictograph. Choose what type of graph that you prefer to use.  Analyze the data that had been gathered, presented in table or graph scientifically.  You interpret the data according to what had been quantified and measured.  The numerical data should be interpreted clearly in simple and descriptive statements.

2. Results

Results show the findings or outcomes of your investigation.  The result must be based according to the interpreted data.

Chapter V

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

1. Summary

The Summary briefly summarizes your research from Chapter I to Chapter IV which includes the research problems, methodology and findings.  It consists of one or two paragraphs only.

2. Conclusion

The Conclusion is the direct statement based on findings or results. It should answer your hypothesis and research problems.

3. Recommendation

The Recommendation is given based on your conclusion.  You may give few recommendations which you think can help the fellow Science students, researchers, consumers or the entire community where people live in.

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        usually up to chapter 5 only but you may include chapter 6 if needed

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    • masmeron January 29, 2013 at 1:50 am #

      The quality of the research that matters most rather than the quality of materials that you will use.

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      i know there are two not three. independent and dependent

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        Its three variables…independent…dependent and controlled variable

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      Not necessarily to begin with your product’s name. Instead, you may begin with your research problem.

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    Help me. I didn’t get what is statistical statement in chapter III.

    • masmeron January 5, 2016 at 9:29 am #

      It refers to the various statistical tools or mathematical formula used by the researchers to interpret their data.

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