Summer, Summer, Summer

6 Jul

Boracay Beach in the Philippines

Summer in the Eyes of the People

Most countries around the world have experience summer once a year.  Summer is usually described as sunny day with high temperature outside.  It is also associated with shortage of water,  extreme perspiration with body odor, out-of-town trips, people on the beaches, heat wave, heat stroke, eating watermelon, ice cream and drinking a lot of water. People seem very busy during summer.

Worthwhile Activities

One interesting activity for summer is vegetable gardening.  Anybody can dig and cultivate the house-yard soil in order to sow vegetable seeds and grow plants around the house.  This activity makes your house beautiful, family members productive and hardworking, create healthy-living habit and can produce fresh air as well.

Shallow-water fishing is another worthwhile activity for summer.  Anybody can go to fishing in a deep-knee water with some adults nearby.  It is enjoyable and fun activity for the person to do so especially if he catches up fishes by himself.  The fishes are really fresh and taste good when cooked.

Selling is also a worthwhile activity to consider for summer.  Anybody can sell cold drinks, Popsicle, ice cream and summer fruits during hot days.  Children and adults learn how to earn and save money as well. Selling may develop business consciousness among the people in a certain community.


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