3 Ways on How Writing Attributes Freedom

1 Jul

Writing is a means of communicating one’s ideas to others. It expresses the heart of one’s feelings and emotions. Through writing, a person can change the attitude of a million people.  It considers a powerful tool to change the mind set of anybody which may lead for a gradual or rapid change in the society. Sometimes, heroic writing may lead into people’s revolution or civilian uprising.  Civilians and authorities gained their absolute freedom through writing. Literary books, articles in prestigious magazines, and featured news and stories in the newspapers catch up public attention and interest. Many nations got their total independence from the hands of foreign and local invaders through the general supports of the well-known writers.

Writing has a significant role in the lives of many people around the world. Whatever languages that they use, still, they can understand each other. Whatever types of writing they have, still, communication occurs between two parties. Whatever delivery methods that they had used, still, the message has been sent, received and replied. Through writing, a person has been motivated to act according to his purpose. On the other hand, it depends to the receiver of the message to rightfully respond or not based on how she understands it.

Writing serves as an agent in the academic and social media today.  Post mails, web seminars, online learning and social networks are some examples of how writing works out. It also contributes to the business sectors such as call centers and publications. Writing develops one’s skills and abilities to create an excellent masterpiece which can express his own personality, uniqueness and individuality.


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