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I am a Child

22 Jul

“Yes, I did it.”

I am a child that grows bigger and wild

I need to take a walk and talk with you as a child

Make a step one, two to three until I can climb a tree

Teach me how to run and have some fun around you.

I am a child that thinks wider and bright

I need to stay here and play under the sunlight

Great outdoor experience brings up more essence

Teach me how to explore about things beyond my door.

I am a child that needs your comfort

I need your loving care and good rapport

Love me for what I am and wherever I came from

Teach me all areas of learning in the morning until evening.

I am a child that has always a dream

I need your coolness like an ice cream

Your positive attitude and good mood everyday

Teach me how to teach other children well someday.

Parts of the Science Investigatory Project Report

18 Jul

Science Investigatory Project

Doing an investigatory project considers as a major achievement of any students in Science.  Through scientific investigation, they learn how to apply the acquired knowledge,  scientific concepts, theories, principles and laws of nature.  They can use their higher-order process or thinking skills in conducting a research. Let us provide you a brief description of the parts of the Science Investigatory Project Report below.


The Title should be clear and precise.  It has an objective or purpose.  It should not be written too long or too short.  By just reading the title, you can determine what the investigative study is all about.


The Abstract should be one or two paragraphs only.  It includes your research problems, the method or procedure that you used and the findings or conclusion of the study.

Chapter I

1. Introduction and Its Background

The Introduction is about one page only wherein it includes the background of the study and its rationale.  It usually leads into the research problem.

2.  Statement of the Problem

The Statement of the Problem has two categories namely: the general problem and specific problems.  Usually, one general problem and three specific problems which derived from the general problem.  The research problems should be specific, reliable,valid, measurable, objectively stated.  It can be a question form or in a declarative statement.

3. Formulation of the Hypothesis

The Formulation of the Hypothesis has two types namely: the null hypothesis and affirmative hypothesis.  Hypotheses is a scientific guess which intends subject for thorough investigation.  It is recommended to use null hypothesis in your research project.

4. Significance of the Study

The Significance of the Study indicates how important is your investigatory project for the people, environment and community as a whole.  It is really relevant in the changing world or global impact into the field of technology.

5.  Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The Scope and Delimitation of the Study covers the range of your research.  It includes the period of research, the materials and equipment to be used, the subject of the study or the sample of the study, the procedure and the statistical treatment to be used.

6. Definition of Terms

The Definition of Terms has two types: the Dictionary-derived definitions and the Operational definitions which derived from how these terms were used in your research.

Chapter II

Review of Related Literature and Studies

Related Literature

The Related Literature are statements taken from science books, journals, magazines, newspapers and any documents from authorized scientists, Science experts or well-known Science agencies. These statements can support your study through their concepts, theories, principles and laws.  Footnoting is important on this part.

Related Studies

The Related Studies are those researches which may be local and foreign studies who can attribute to your research or can support your investigation scientifically.  Footnoting is also important on this part.

Chapter III

Methodology has several parts namely: the subject of the study, the procedure and the statistical treatment

1. The Subject of the Study

The Subject of the Study includes your population and the sample.  It applies the sampling techniques to obtain a good sample of the study.  Your sample should be valid and reliable.

2. The Procedure

The Procedure is the step by step and systematic process of doing your research.  It includes the materials with right amount of measurements, the appropriate equipment to be used in doing the scientific investigation.  It consists of several trials with control variables, independent variables and dependent variables.  Gathering of data is essential in any kind of research.  It is recommended to use control and experimental set-ups to arrive at valid conclusion.

3. Research Design

The Research Design may be shown through Theoretical Framework or Conceptual Framework wherein the researcher plans and designs his study with significant theories, concepts and connections. It shows the input, intervention and output of the study.


4. The Statistical Treatment

The Statistical Treatment comes in various ways.  It can be mean, median, mode, percentage, Chi-square, standard deviation, T-test, Pearson r, Spearman rank or Anova I or Anova II.  It is recommended to use T-test in any experimental research.

Chapter IV

Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

1. Presentation of Data, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

The data gathered should be presented in order to be analyzed. It may be presented in two forms namely: through table or graph.  You may use both of them if you want to clearly figure out your data. A table has labels with quantity, description and units of measurement.  Graph has several types namely the line graph, bar graph, pie graph and pictograph. Choose what type of graph that you prefer to use.  Analyze the data that had been gathered, presented in table or graph scientifically.  You interpret the data according to what had been quantified and measured.  The numerical data should be interpreted clearly in simple and descriptive statements.

2. Results

Results show the findings or outcomes of your investigation.  The result must be based according to the interpreted data.

Chapter V

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

1. Summary

The Summary briefly summarizes your research from Chapter I to Chapter IV which includes the research problems, methodology and findings.  It consists of one or two paragraphs only.

2. Conclusion

The Conclusion is the direct statement based on findings or results. It should answer your hypothesis and research problems.

3. Recommendation

The Recommendation is given based on your conclusion.  You may give few recommendations which you think can help the fellow Science students, researchers, consumers or the entire community where people live in.

How the Medium of Communication Evolved in the Past 20 Years

16 Jul

Are you online?

The medium for local and overseas communication had rapidly evolved in past two decades.  People all over the world get along with such technological advancements in the field of communication. These advancements bring improvement to the business sectors, promote political parties and serve as networks for family bonding.  Let us recall how this medium of communication had evolved based on my own experience.

From letter to online chat

In 1991, I got an opportunity to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  As a Filipino contract worker, I used to send letters and greeting cards to my family, relatives and friends in the Philippines through post mails.  I sent letters at least once or twice a month to them.  I got in line in the post office there just to buy postal stamps or drop my letters immediately for them.  It took around two weeks in the post mail system that time before my family, relatives and friends received my letters.  When they replied immediately for my letter, it took another two weeks before I received their response letters.  I did that way for more than 3 years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nowadays, I can communicate with them through online chat if internet connection works efficiently and online schedule permits.  At available time in any social media site, I used to sit down in front of my laptop waiting for online family members and friends.  I can chat with them from a couple of minutes or several hours to exchange essential ideas and messages with them.  However, I still do the traditional way of sending letters or greeting cards through post mail services to relatives and friends who do not have an access in the internet. The most important thing to me now is I do remember them in spite of distant apart and busy life.

From coins call to video call

Every time I made a call to the Philippines when I was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I had to get up early in the morning due to time difference.  I went outside in spite of severe weather condition there and got in line in the telephone booth with a handful of Saudi coins.  I usually made a call to my relatives in the Philippines and talked to them uninterruptedly.  I held the phone arm with my right hand while my left hand dropped the coins one by one and continuously into the phone booth to prevent cut off of communication lines and could prolong our conversation with full of excitement and emotions.  Nowadays, I can communicate with them using my laptop.  It is just a click away with any social media site then I can talk and see them already.  I can communicate with my mother, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, close friends, co-teachers, students and even online friends through video call.  I can hear their laughs and see their bright smiles now.  These technological advancements in the computer, mobile phone and internet help us a lot for several reasons and merely serve its primary purpose and that is communication for all.

What is really in your name?

14 Jul

A name of a person whether it is his first name or last name does matter to him.  Whether he likes it or not, he has his own identity through his name. You can find out if his name can really help him or affect him in an every day situation.  But first of all, how do parents derive the names of their children? Let us consider the following assumptions below.

How did you get your name?

1. Parents got the first name of their newly born child from trending person’s names in their locality or in the world.  In the previous years for example, John became famous first name for the boys and Mary for the girls in the world so people followed what were trending first names that time.

2. Parents got the first name of their child from famous religious personalities in the Holy Book.  For instance, David, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Peter and Simon were some well-known personalities in the Christian world.  Therefore, Christian believers named their children after them due to their integrity and inspiring achievements.

3. Parents got the first name of their children from famous celebrities in the world whom they adore so much.  Parents were fascinating that their children will become famous too like them. These celebrities might be in the entertainment industry, sports or political communities.

4. Parents got the first name of their children by putting up together certain letters from the father’s first name or mother’s first name in order to come up with a unique and newly sounding first name for the child.  Sometimes, parents were not aware about how difficult in pronouncing their children’s first names as well as writing the correct spelling of it the way how the parents want to particularly when these children started to go to school.

5. Parents got the first name of their children wherein it is commonly associated with the last name.  For instance, if your last name sounds like an American name due to the father’s descendants even you are a purely Asian citizen, parents picked first names which can match with your last name.

6. Children got their last name due from marriage of their parents.  When a single lady and a gentleman got married, commonly happened was the children’s last name derived from their father’s last name.  Unknowingly, sometimes his last name which sounds funny created troubles in his entire life. Sometimes, it became the center of bullying in the school campus, teasing with his classmates and friends, frustration in love life, disappointment in employment which generally result to more social conflicts from the early stage of his life up to adult life.  Thus, one’s personality undesirably changed gradually.

7.  Some parents associated the first names of their children with certain things which sound nice to them such as Princess, King, Venus, Miracle, Heaven, Lucky, etc.  Parents want their children to be remembered that way with integrity, hope and success.

What is really in your name anyway?

Well, a name is really a name whatever its nature, origin, derivation and purpose. That is one’s identity for being a unique person, for being a functional part of your family or society as a whole.  No matter what it is, learn to love your name as you love your parents.  Because your name is really who you are and it means a lot more than what others expect from you.

Because of a Coin

9 Jul

“What if I can find a coin?”

While a poor man was walking on the sidewalk to report on his work, he saw a coin.  He picked up the coin quickly and went through continuously.  The hungry man dropped by in a store and bought some breads for his family.  Every day, the man walked on the sidewalk and always looked the ground. He did walking in the morning and evening as well.  Sometimes, he found a cent, a quarter, a dime or a dollar or more coins in a week. From that on, he felt more excited to look at the ground and found more coins as the days passed by.  He bought of what his family needs from these coins.

While a poor man was walking on the sidewalk to report on his work, he was always face down looking for a coin. The poor man’s neighbor greeted him, “Good morning!” The poor man did not notice her because he was seriously looking the ground to find a coin. He did that for several weeks. The following month, the poor man’s best friend was smiling at him when his friend was nearly approaching him. He did not notice him because he was looking down again for a chance of finding a coin. He did that routine for several months.

One day, there was a road accident that occurred wherein two people died and some people were injured.  The poor man passed by again in the same pathway he used to be his way.  He was not bothered because he kept looking the ground and never look the people that coming in to rescue the victims.  When he arrived into his home, he felt excited and happy to give his few coins that he had found in the whole week for his wife and only child.  He called them by their names one by one but no one answered.  He looked at them inside the house but no one there.  He waited for several hours inside the house until he fell asleep.

That afternoon, he heard the voice of his neighbor calling his name.  Her neighbor told him that he should go to the hospital because his wife and only child got an accident. He rushed into the hospital with the plenty of coins in his bag after hearing the bad news. Unfortunately, his wife and only child did not make it. They died after few hours in the hospital due to severe head injuries from the road accident which happened that day in the same road where the poor man used to pass by.  The poor cried loudly and never stop crying until no more tears coming out from his eyes.

His neighbor said to him while tapping the poor man’s shoulder, “You missed the greetings of your neighbor when they passed by on you because you kept on looking on the ground with face down to find a coin.” His friend said to him as he cried, “You missed the smile of your friends when they passed by on you because you kept looking on the ground instead of looking the beautiful surroundings around you.” Another person whom the poor man did not know him personally had said, “Now, you missed your family which supposed to be with you all the time. You gave more value the coins on your hands than to the people around you.” “You missed their smiles, laughs, pains, sadness….and all their feelings and emotions.” ” Now, you cannot bring back the things that had happened and done.” “But, still”, the person continued, “there is always a room for improvement so you have to act right now.”

From that day, the poor man directly looked at the peoples’s eyes and had a friendly conversation with them.  The people around him extended their help by giving not only a box of coins from their savings but also more money bills to the poor man. The poor man said, “Thank you, You are more than the money that I had now.” Despite of the sorrow he had felt because of the death of his wife and only child, the poor man realized that the people around him show their love, care and concern for him.  He had witnessed the great smiles on their faces when the people said “Goodbye”.

Summer, Summer, Summer

6 Jul

Boracay Beach in the Philippines

Summer in the Eyes of the People

Most countries around the world have experience summer once a year.  Summer is usually described as sunny day with high temperature outside.  It is also associated with shortage of water,  extreme perspiration with body odor, out-of-town trips, people on the beaches, heat wave, heat stroke, eating watermelon, ice cream and drinking a lot of water. People seem very busy during summer.

Worthwhile Activities

One interesting activity for summer is vegetable gardening.  Anybody can dig and cultivate the house-yard soil in order to sow vegetable seeds and grow plants around the house.  This activity makes your house beautiful, family members productive and hardworking, create healthy-living habit and can produce fresh air as well.

Shallow-water fishing is another worthwhile activity for summer.  Anybody can go to fishing in a deep-knee water with some adults nearby.  It is enjoyable and fun activity for the person to do so especially if he catches up fishes by himself.  The fishes are really fresh and taste good when cooked.

Selling is also a worthwhile activity to consider for summer.  Anybody can sell cold drinks, Popsicle, ice cream and summer fruits during hot days.  Children and adults learn how to earn and save money as well. Selling may develop business consciousness among the people in a certain community.

3 Ways on How Writing Attributes Freedom

1 Jul

Writing is a means of communicating one’s ideas to others. It expresses the heart of one’s feelings and emotions. Through writing, a person can change the attitude of a million people.  It considers a powerful tool to change the mind set of anybody which may lead for a gradual or rapid change in the society. Sometimes, heroic writing may lead into people’s revolution or civilian uprising.  Civilians and authorities gained their absolute freedom through writing. Literary books, articles in prestigious magazines, and featured news and stories in the newspapers catch up public attention and interest. Many nations got their total independence from the hands of foreign and local invaders through the general supports of the well-known writers.

Writing has a significant role in the lives of many people around the world. Whatever languages that they use, still, they can understand each other. Whatever types of writing they have, still, communication occurs between two parties. Whatever delivery methods that they had used, still, the message has been sent, received and replied. Through writing, a person has been motivated to act according to his purpose. On the other hand, it depends to the receiver of the message to rightfully respond or not based on how she understands it.

Writing serves as an agent in the academic and social media today.  Post mails, web seminars, online learning and social networks are some examples of how writing works out. It also contributes to the business sectors such as call centers and publications. Writing develops one’s skills and abilities to create an excellent masterpiece which can express his own personality, uniqueness and individuality.